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5 Important Tips to Help You Oil Your Hair the Right Way

>> Apr 23, 2018

Oiling your hair is important to guarantee healthy and strong hair strands. Oils contain crucial fatty acids that help in healing the hair strands from within and sealing the cuticle. Regularly oiling your hair will help to improve texture and tone of your hair when carried out properly. This is why you must learn how to oil hair correctly to achieve desired results. Here are tips for applying oil to your hair for best results.
Heat the oil

It is important for you to heat your oil before you apply it to your hair and scalp. Lukewarm oil will stimulate your hair follicles and will penetrate the scalp and hair more easily. You can warm your oil by putting a bowl of oil in the microwave for about 10 seconds or placing the oil in a bowl and putting it in hot water to warm it up. The latter technique is much better because your oil will not be excessively hot for application and the nutrients will not be damaged by heating.

Avoid pouring oil on your head

When oiling your scalp and hair, you should never dump the liquid on your hair or head. It is important that you dip your fingers in your oil and make partitions of the hair using your fingers. You should then apply the oil using your fingertips for excellent results. You should ensure that the tips of your hair strands get adequate oil because they do not get any nutrients from the scalp.

Oil scalp and hair

Most people tend to concentrate on oiling the scalp and forget the hair. If you want to know how to oil hair, you should concentrate on both the scalp and oil. It is important that you spread the oil down the length of your hair if you want to achieve a healthy looking and lustrous mane. When applying oil on the scalp in different sections, you must also run a piece of oily cotton wool along the hair strands and provide them with the hydration they so need.

Avoid excessive oiling

Oiling your hair regularly can be amazing; however, you should not oil your hair more than twice every week. This is because excessive tampering with the scalp can be quite irritating. Furthermore, washing off the hair oil will involve shampooing it several times and this can result in the hair being stripped of its natural moisture and sheen. While oiling your hair is amazing, it is crucial that you do it with moderation.

Leave it on long enough

After applying oil in your hair, you should leave it to soak in. The entire hair treatment process will be pointless if you rush for a head wash immediately after applying oil. It is important that you allow the oil to soak in for about one hour. You can wrap a hot, damp towel around the hair to open up the pores and allow the scalp and hair to absorb the active ingredients in the oil.

Hair is one of the most important ornaments of natural beauty. Oiling is important to help handle problems such as dandruff balding, and hair fall as oil moisturizes and hydrates the hair. Without oil, your hair will become dry, fizzy, and rough. This is why individuals must know how to oil their hair and scalp the right way to guarantee a beautiful and healthy hair.

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