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Abroad Stag Party Contingencies And How To Prepare For Them

>> Apr 11, 2018

Is your best friend’s wedding the next most important happening in your life? And being the favourite boy, do you have the responsibility of creating the stag party? Well, congratulations! Be prepared to have the best time of your life since it is your big boy’s wedding and his stag party that you have to organise. If you all have decided to go out for the stag party, then you have all the more reasons to be excited about the party. What is better than travelling to the other side of the world on an occasion like this. You have the license to indulge in any sort of fun without the fear of being questioned, unless, of course you guys do something absolutely reckless. We wish that doesn’t happen!

Anyway, now that you have already decided to fly away to another land for the stag party, you must also be aware of the implications associated with your choice. There might be a few issues that may occur during your visit and spoil the fun. Let’s have a look at some of such situations and know how to handle them.

Excessive drinking is hazardous for health and the party         

Booze and stag parties go hand in hand. Whether you party in a local pub or you fly to the most exquisite destination for your stag do, if there are no drinks, there is no party. But getting sloshed in a foreign land might have its own repercussions. In a foreign land, amidst foreign people it is not a great idea to get drunk and then probably land up in trouble with the local police. This will jeopardize the entire trip not only for you but for the entire squad as well. So, drink cautiously to just have fun and not handcuffs.
Getting in trouble with strippers

Now this might not just ruin your trip, but may also have negative implication on the wedding. It is strictly advisable to go ahead with such an idea only if the groom is comfortable. Going to a strip club or employing any such service must be done with utmost caution. You might just want to have some good time with no nonsense, but if you have a couple of extra drinks and then cross your limits, you might end up in deep trouble legally. So, beware of the pretty ladies and keep yourself in check.
Losing your belongings, especially money

It is advisable to make all the payments prior to your visit so that you do not have to deal with any serious money matters except paying for your extra expenditure during the trip. Now it is of great importance that you take care of your bags and wallets and not fall prey to any local thief. Even if you lose something, make sure someone has a spare piece available. Also, keep in mind that everyone has some cash with themselves so that even if someone’s wallet is misplaced, the other can chip in till you arrange for extra cash. Please remember, in a foreign land, your wallet is your best friend. Keep it safe.
No one ever wants to land up in trouble on a foreign land in any way whatsoever. And having to face such an ordeal on your friend’s stag party trip is even more unacceptable. Just because it is a party, it does not mean it gives any of your friends or yourself to not keep yourself in check. While on the trip, do not forget you have to get back for the actual wedding.

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