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Frequently Asked Child Support Law Questions

>> Apr 19, 2018

Sometimes relationships do not work out, and that is okay.  Bringing a child into the world does not change this fact.  However, every child should have both parents in their life, and both parents should be contributing to the child’s wellbeing.  It is the best interest of the child that the parents are civil and work together as a parental team despite not being involved romantically.  

Do I Even Need A Child Support Attorney?

The first thing to ask yourself is, do you need a child support attorney? In cases where parents can come together and agree on how they will contribute to the child’s life financially and otherwise, an attorney may not be necessary.  But, in a not so perfect world, if an agreement cannot be reached, you may need to contact an attorney to help you get the support your child needs.  
What Does Child Support Cover?

First and foremost, child support is about the child or children involved.  There is not always a system in place to monitor how child support is distributed which can cause problems when spent inappropriately.  In theory, the child support payment is supposed to do exactly what the name suggests.  The money should be used to improve and maintain the wellbeing of the children.  The child’s way of life should not be diminished because his or her parent’s separation.  

How Is The Amount Of Child Support Calculated?

Your child support attorney is most likely going to help you determine the appropriate amount of child support to request.  In the end, it is up to the judge to decide the amount of child support to be paid.  It is going to depend heavily on the income of both parents and the needs of the child or children.  The number of children is going to play a role as well.  In some cases, whether or not the receiving parent is married may be a factor as well.  The amount is usually a fixed percentage of the income of the parent which also accounts for fluctuations in their income.  

What Happens When The Child Or Children Turn 18 Years Old?

Depending on which state you live the answer may vary.  Some states allow child support payments to cease at the age of 18.  However, many states will require coverage until the child reaches 23 years of age, especially if the child attends college.

What If The Parent Cannot Or Refuses To Pay?

A child support attorney is going to be needed if a parent refuses to pay the child support determined necessary, especially if they are able to do so and are simply refusing to pay.  If a parent is truly unable to pay child support, and cannot work for a legitimate reason, arrangements can be made.  But for an able-bodied parent, payments are mandatory once the judge orders it.  Fighting child support payments must then be done through the court system.  

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