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Teachergive Sale 2023

Are You Looking for Suitable Marriage Counsellor?

>> Apr 6, 2018

For many of you who are going through a turbulent marriage, perhaps marriage counsellor can be of great help. However, people are often scared of meeting any marriage therapist as nobody like to come out of their comfort zone. They only consider visiting a marriage counsellor, if the counselor is known to them and have heard people talking very high about him.  
Let us tell you frankly, marriage counselling is not a magical solution. It can only be effective when you take active participation in the process. Whatever be the present situation of your marriage, you can give one more try. However, before taking appointment with any marriage counseling Dayton Ohio, you need to keep following things in mind.

  •         You need a good counselor
For every problem you need a right solution provider and same is the case with marriage problems too. Therefore, you need to do a good amount of research to find a suitable marriage counsellor for you. If you personally know any marriage counsellor and people talk very high about him then it is great.
Otherwise, you can ask your trusted friends to give any of their reference. If you are regular visitor of any church then the pastor can either himself offer to counsel you or suggest you any good counselor. You can also use the internet to search for counsellor in your area. However, while meeting the counselor for the first time ensure that he is licensed and ready to provide at least 4 to 5 referrals whom he has counselled in the past.
  •            Both you and your spouse must agree to meet the counselor
Unless both you and your spouse are ready to meet the counselor, the marriage counselling may not really work effectively. In fact, this is one of the major reason that marriage counselling did not work for many couples. However, that does not mean that if your spouse is not ready to meet then you should not visit a counselor. You still can get few tips and ideas to salvage your marriage. However, to get the best out of marriage counselor, attendance of both is necessary.
  •            Both of you must visit regularly
With single session all your marriage problems will not get resolved. You need a number of sessions where both you and your spouse must attend. Your marriage does not happen with single meeting in the same way counselling also needs more time. Therefore, make sure that both of you do not miss any session.
  •             Be ready to get shaken up
Your marriage has come to this stage because there was lack of communication between you two. When marriage counsellor starts going to the bottom of it then many new things will be revealed about your spouse, which you never knew. This may hurt you, but at the end that will develop better understanding between you two.
  •            Counselling may be a bitter pill for some of you
When you visit a counselor treat yourself as a patient. Your disease may need bitter pill to swallow however it will cure you.

However, don’t consider marriage counseling as a magic. It will work only if you let it work.

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