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Kybella - Return to the Jaw Line

>> Apr 7, 2018

Ageing is as certain as gravity. Weight gain can often make us look older and there are a multitude of weight loss programmes out there to help us improve our health. However, what if the weight gain is in a localized area such as the chin? Unfortunately for some people, there is a collection of fat cells under the chin which results in submental fullness, or what is known as a double chin. This can make us feel low and unhappy with our overall appearance, especially when it makes us look older even though we may be relatively slim. Regardless of the weight of the person, this inevitably detrimentally affects our appearance, so obviously, if we could reduce this localized fat, we would look better whether male or female.
Well, good news! The product Kybella (FDA - US Food and Drug Agency approved, 2015) is tailor made to destroy the fat build up under your chin resulting in a healthier looking you. Deoxycholic acid is a synthetic form of a substance already in our bodies which breaks down the fat cells. By taking the fat away from the jaw line and under the chin, the face profile is returned to the younger looking you. Any build-up of fat under the chin disappears and the skin returns to the jaw line resulting in a sharper more stream lined profile.

This product is administered with around 20-50 small injections under your chin. However, everyone’s structure is different, so the amount to be administered differs depending on the person. At most, people can have up to 6 treatments, 1 month apart, but some with less fat can have as little as 3 treatments. The results are stark, with the chin profile returning to its youthful lines. All of the excess fat disappears which clearly shows an improved, sharper and healthier looking you.

With all medicines, there are some possible, yet not certain, side effects. When the medicine is reducing the fat cells, it can disturb the ability to swallow, but if this occurs, it heals itself often within 3 days. Also, there is a possibility of your face developing an uneven smile, but again this self corrects within a month. As with all injections, there may be some bruising, swelling or redness, but this will also fade with time. So, overall, the gain of age reduction over some possible, but not certain, side effects is better for you. Not only for your appearance, but your self-esteem as well.

Whether the chemicals in this product can be passed onto a new born baby are unknown, so it is best not used if you are, or trying to be, pregnant. This is also the case for breastfeeding mothers. Additionally, if you have had any surgery around the chin area, you should avoid this product.

Kybella is a great non-surgical replacement for liposuction which was the only option for localized fat reduction in the past. Now, with only a few treatments, the dream of a defined jaw line can become a reality.

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