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Are you having sleep problems? Consult a doctor to find out if you have narcolepsy!

>> Apr 9, 2018

Narcolepsy is a serious disorder that affects a lot of people. If you suffer from random sleeping disorders, feel sleepy during the daytime (even after having a full night's sleep), have hallucinations from your dreams when you are awake, then the chances are that you are suffering from narcolepsy.  This article will highlight to you what narcolepsy is and how you can tackle this problem. 
A lot of people feel sleepy during the daytime but think that it is normal and isn't anything to be concerned about. They shun away from treating it as a problem and leave it without any diagnosis for a lot of years, thereby causing serious harm to their health. This often leads to grave problems like amnesia, depression and even death.  Doctors also cannot always diagnose narcolepsy because of the simple fact that there might be a lot of different factors which is affecting the patient's sleeping patterns resulting in sleepiness during unusual times. Those suffering from this ailment can at times feel a severe reduction in their energy levels, and as a result feel quite tired.

There have been reports that several people felt extreme sleepiness so suddenly and acutely that it can be, convincingly, termed as a "sudden attack" of sleepiness. In general, these attacks do not affect anyone for any duration that is more than just 30 minutes or so; however, in some rare and extreme scenarios, a sufferer might get completely knocked out for longer durations like 2 hours or so. Some sufferers fall asleep in between their daily activities suddenly for no apparent reasons and thereby displaying, symptoms of narcolepsy. Also, people suffering from narcolepsy tend to have quite weak memory, some even have incorrect vision. Some probable reasons for this are:

1.   It has been observed in several cases that people suffering from narcolepsy have inherited the disease from their ancestors, meaning the disorder is genetic. Their hypothalamus is affected by the wrong genes, which hinders it from conveying the right messages to other parts of their body.
2.   A potential cause for narcolepsy is that in some people, there is a steep drop in their cerebral proteins, that is, their amygdale. This is responsible for making the hypothalamus stay active. Also, drop in levels of Hypocretin, another essential protein, is seen in many narcoleptics.

As of now, there is not any identified solution to cure narcolepsy. But, Modafinil is a wonder drug that has helped patients in the past quite well. It helps people to combat narcolepsy and does not have any harmful side effects either. The dosage of this drug depends on the degree of severity of narcolepsy in the sufferer.  One should purchase Modafinil only from a regulated supplier.This medication should be consumed only after proper consultation with a physician.

Narcolepsy is a dangerous sleeping disorder that can cause severe depression and even death in patients. It is recommended that you should diagnose the problem immediately, from a qualified doctor, to tackle the problem.

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