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17 Great Ways to Bond with your Dog

>> Nov 1, 2017

On average, a dog owner spends about 40 minutes with their pet every day. The attention that pet owners give their pets causes them to thrive. Studies show that spending time with pets like dogs helps improve the health of their owners. Even so, the time spent with dogs needs to feature activities that make it fun for both the owner and the pet. As a dog owner, you need to consider activities you want to engage in with your pet when choosing a dog breed. Here are various ways you can engage and spend more hours with your dog:

1.   Take it to pet events
If you reside in urban areas, there are numerous pet events that go on in the city during summer. Make enquiries or check listings in your areas to find friendly events where you can hang out with your pet. During such events, your dog can socialize with other dogs and have fun in the excellent summer weather. You can even opt to invite other families and friends who own pets for a pet-friendly event in your own home.

2.   Share little moments
You do not necessarily need to put hours of your free time to your do to show it some love. You can talk to it while going about your chores in the house. It really does not matter much about what you talk to it about, just maintain eye contact and be attentive to it. In the evening, brush your dog as you watch television or read to your kids. During the day take some time to play with your dog. There are many different dog fetch toys or tug of war toys available. You are surely to find something you and your dog enjoy!

3.   Teach it to obey
If you are too busy to take your dog for a ball tossing session in the backyard, consider giving your dog some attention by helping it practice some obedience skills while you make dinner, do some paperwork or fold laundry. You can teach it simple skills like getting a rolling ball, sit-stays and lay down stays and horn them over time. Ensure the sessions are light and easy, just what he needs to refresh his skills while soaking in some attention.

4.   Take it out on errands
If you have a dog that enjoys seeing different sceneries, take it with you the next time you go out for a walk or a drive outside your home. For this work well, ensure that the errands you are going for don’t require you to leave the dog in the car for a long period. There are more and more dog friendly locations these days.

5.   Take it to outings
During summer, the activities you can enjoy with your dog are endless. From hiking, biking to trail runs and beach days, these are possible activities that your dog can enjoy. You can have it running along as you engage in workout or have it hangout with you on the beach. All you need to do is to ensure that your dog is well hydrated with clean water and fed during the outing. Also, bear in mind the laws that apply in the areas you choose to hangout and keep an eye on it to ensure he stays safe. 

         6.   Take it to the pet store with you
When you go picking routine stuff like litter and food for your pet, take your dog with you. A visit to the pet store can be much fun for your dog because while there, he can try out some new toys and enjoy some treats in your local pet store. You may also consider stopping at a restaurant with your dog on your way back just to spend some more time with your dog.

7.   Engage it in outdoor chores
If you own a home, you probably spend your weekends doing some yard work like mowing or watering the lawn, raking leaves, shoveling and blowing the snow if you live in a cold area and tending to the shrubs. You can find ways to make these activities fun for your dog. For instance, you can rake leaves with your dog or just watch it romp in the leaves. 

8.   Groom and bond with your dog
Owning a dog comes with some grooming responsibilities. For instance, you need to bath and brush your dog as well as clean his ears, teeth and trim his nails. Rather than seeing these responsibilities as regular chores, turn them into a bonding experience. As you groom your dog, connect and talk to it as well as have fun with it during the process. The act of brushing or grooming your dog can also be a bonding experience.

9.   Take it out for a treat
Though many cafes do not allow pets, there are some restaurants that target pet owners and allow them to bring their dogs in. These are mainly available in big cities such as San Diego and New York but you could find them in a city near you if you search for them. Some other options could include informing cafes that you prefer ahead to find out whether there are patio seating available so you bring your dog along with you.

10.         Make hospital visits
This is not a common way of spending time with your pet, but it is a critical one. If you have a dog that grew up in a family set up, he is probably lonely after your kids leave for college. You can reduce this loneliness by taking your dog for hospital visits one day per week. Such visits would not only boost your morale and that of your pet, but also that of other people in hospital facilities.

11.         Teach Your Dog to track items
Pick items that carry you scent and play hide and seek with your dog. This will help you teach your dog how to track crimes. For instance, during winter, you may place a milk bone in a glove or even bury it under the snow and send you dog out to go find it. Consider testing your dog’s agility by creating obstacles and overcoming them together. This requires you to put up a professional set up so you run alongside your dog. You can also watch some pet videos with your dog on this then practice the same. 

12.         Walk Your Dog
Walks are an important part of a dog’s life. These walks give your dog the opportunity to investigate areas outside the home. On walks dogs can smell other dog’s scents and marking to tell which dogs have been through the area. Taking your dog on walks will be a positive experience for your dog. This will help strengthen your bond with your dog.

13.         Take Your Dog to Dog Parks
Dog parks give your dog the opportunity to socialize with other dogs. Your dog will most likely run off and play with other dogs, however this is still a bonding experience because you are the one taking your dog which is another positive experience with you. This will also help your dog be more emotionally stable because of the other dog interactions.

14.         Let your Dog Splash in Water
Dogs love water and will enjoy the opportunity to splash in the water you provided them. In general this fits into the category of spending more time with your dog doing things it enjoys. This is a recipe for some serious bonding!

15.         Remain Calm
In general, when people are calm they are more approachable. Dogs also pick up on these behaviors and avoid you when you are loud and erratic if it’s in an aggressive nature. Remaining calm will make your dog feel like you are approachable at any time. This will make you dog feel welcome when around you resulting in the dog hanging around more.

16.         Understand what stresses out your dog
Different dogs like different things. There are also times when your dog can be spooked such as during rough weather, when cats are around, etc. It’s good to know your dogs behavior to limit the amount of distress the dog can develop which can lead to emotional development problems which result it behaviors such as peeing in bad places or being destructive. These behaviors do NOT lead to bonding.

17.         Praise the Dog to Promote Desired Behavior
This goes along with emotional distress. If you positively promote your dog’s behavior when they do something you like it will lead to better behavior overall. Your dog will understand what your expectations are and will do the things you like even more. This will strengthen your bond with your dog when you feel they are obedient and well behaved.

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