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Power of Instagram in Cosmetic and Beauty Care Product Marketing

>> Nov 4, 2017

Skincare and beauty product marketing is a billion dollar industry, and increasing amount of money is being spent on this day by day. As digital marketing and social media are the ideal consumer product marketing channels of the age, online marketers are always looking out for new and innovative methods to get more results through this.

Social media has an advantage over the conventional modes of marketing in terms of engaging the prospective customers with a high degree of interaction and engagement. The social networking websites as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are the most reliable platforms for marketers now.

Among all these, Instagram, which is an image-based content platform, makes it more ideal for the consumer product marketers to reach easily to the target group. Instagram outweigh the other SNS (social networking sites) with its reach with its unique image and video content marketing approach, and so the No.1 marketing platform for skincare product marketing.

Why Instagram?

A ‘Think Tank’ research was conducted a year back to find out the power of Instagram as a digital marketing tool based on the three major aspects of marketing as:
-Engagement, and

In case of adoption, Instagram reaches to 400 million, and almost 92 percent of the premium brands have their presence on Instagram. One major finding which makes Instagram the favorite of cosmetic marketing is the reason that it is highly skewed to women of younger age. Almost 90% of the current Instagram users are less than 35 years of age, and most reassuringly 68% of the total Instagram users are females and women hold the major share of followers for Instagram for the majority of brands.

Instagram marketing tactics

-Using your customers itself to feature products

The best approach to reach out to consumers on Instagram is to engage customers to reach out to more through featuring themselves using your products. Premium brands now ask their customers to upload selfies featuring their products or impact of it to be shared with others as hashtag contests. Winners of this contest do get gifts. Young consumers also take it as an exciting opportunity to feature themselves in the limelight or a while and share it with their friends and followers.

-Use influencers to engage consumers

Another successful approach to Instagram marketing by the leading beauty care brands is to use the opinion leaders as influencers. Instead of reaching directly to consumers, cosmetic brands request the celebrities to use their products and post pictures on their Instagram accounts. These images can speak without words to billions of fan followers naturally.

-Customer orientation

It is always a welcoming approach to engage the customers by giving them an opportunity to learn skin care tips through your tutorials on Instagram. Instead of trying to promote the products directly, many of the premium brands now post their backstage photos, which give a very serious and professional perception about the brand.

These are just a few to try out; however, Instagram is a global platform which creates unlimited opportunities for the marketers to reach to real people and influence their decisions. We will come up with more such tips and tricks in the forthcoming articles too.

Author bio: Harris is a leading blog writer and content marketing professional with thousands of real Instagram followers for his postings.

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