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Latest Fashion Trends in Hair Color for the Hip & Happening Woman

>> Nov 6, 2017

Today, fashionable women are experimenting with hair colors to warm up their look. Whether you are looking for a completely new look or just a little bit of a style update, you could be getting a head start with all these trendy hair color tips and ideas. If you are thinking about a new look for the upcoming New Year, you could consider one of the hottest hair colors that seems to be the current rage.

The hottest trends in hair color include platinum, ombre, dip-dyes, babylights, and bright hues. Here are some recommendations from some of the top celebrity hair colorists. From auburn to chestnut to wheat blonde, you could take a look at all these inspirational hair color ideas to kick off your New Year in grand style.

Going Back to the Blonde

It is not essential for you to think only in terms of dark hues for winter. Hair colorists are getting numerous requests for even the cooler wheat tones this winter. Celebrity colorists are opting for darker roots and brighter ends for letting the color get a natural look. Blonde hair could mean a lot of maintenance but because of the soft root or the darker roots, maintenance could be kept to a bare minimum.

In this context, you must know that Balayage, which is the mesmerizing art of innovative hair painting, is actually taking the nation’s salons by storm. It has become a more popular highlighting method over the usual foils. This really works fabulously on all hair colors. However, it has a magical effect on blondes having a beautiful base. The hottest trend is dying your hair with an amazing mix of lowlights and highlights. This is quite often used in creating French Brown and Babylights.

Being Bold Is In

Using hair extensions 16 inches is a way to go for many bold and fashion-conscious young women. However, that is not enough. You must consider shining bright with a truly vibrant hair color this winter. Right from blues to violets to pinks, you have endless options to choose from. It is surely a fun way of making a statement. Vivid hair colors are supposed to be fun and fresh and could be working for all kinds of people provided they take the correct precautions to protect and maintain them. In this context, you must know that bright hair colors do fade away quickly. You must, therefore, follow an effective color-maintenance regimen. Use premium products that have been designed for color-treated hair exclusively.

Babylights Is the Current Rage

Everyone aspires for the baby blonde hair tone that they had until they were three or so. Today, you could be getting back that look. So what do experts mean precisely by babylights? They are actually superfine highlights which are pretty time-consuming. Babylights are actually tiny segments of highlights and are basically painted so that some strands would be thicker as compared to the others. Even though the process seems tedious, the ultimate result is stunning and really natural-looking.

Warming Up the Subtle Ombre

You do not need to give up your hot favorite Ombre just because winter is in. All you need to do is to request your hair colorist to simply warm up the Ombre tones to transform it as the perfect winter color. This would be giving your complexion a really healthy radiance when you are losing the summer tan.

Platinum Is the Way to Go

Platinum blonde hair certainly is very popular because blondes are going even lighter. They are giving up the typical golden honey tones and settling for the icy lighter tones. However, you must remember that it would require really high maintenance for keeping your platinum blonde hair. Moreover, this is not ideal for all skin tones. Find out if platinum is the look for you before taking the final plunge.

Pastel Hues

Many celebrities love to use pastel hues right from pale pinks, apricots, and light violets to baby blues. This trend is called the unicorn hair color because this sort of hair color is not seen in nature. If you are not so adventurous, simply color a few strands in pastel hues or consider adding in pastel highlights. You may use temporary hair colors that could be gone in one or two washes.


Now you could forget all about sticking simply to global colors. A wonderful blend of cool and warm tones is the key to adding some flair to your hair. Remember to choose tones that would be complementing your skin tone, eye color, makeup and color of outfits you usually like to wear.

Author Bio: Catherine Simons is a beauty consultant running her own salon in Boston. She is an avid blogger and loves to share her experiences and knowledge with her readers. Her blog posts are pretty informative and interesting. She offers beauty and hair tips from facials to hair extensions 16 inches.

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