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Teachergive Sale 2023

Are You Looking for the Right Bathroom Sinks?

>> Nov 26, 2017

No doubt that sinks are one of the important elements in the house; the sink is usually located in the dining room, kitchen or bathroom. The kitchen sink is useful for washing vegetables, crockery and utensils, in the dining room to make it easier to wash hands after meals and in the bathroom to brush your teeth, wash your face, clean hands and shave.


This time we will discuss more about bathroom sinks. If you are in a search of such sink, continue reading. Sinks are one of the sanitary devices which have essential role in a bathroom. Not only functional, the presence of a sink is able to determine the look of bathroom design through the increasing variety of shapes from box, half a circle, round to a combination of these shapes. Besides the shapes, sinks are also chosen based on the materials, such as glass, marble, onyx and stainless steel. 

When choosing the right bathroom sink, consider the sink size against your bathroom space to avoid making the bathroom feels cramped while the sink can well-function. For your reference, below are some types of sinks that you can choose.

Wall-hung sinks

This type of sink is suitable for use in limited area bathrooms. Hanging design gives the impression of 'light' so that the bathroom feels more spacious. Hanging sink type is also equipped with a cabinet at the bottom so that it serves as a storage area. 

Under countertop sinks

The sink embedded into a bathroom vanity that sticks to the floor. If you have a fairly spacious bathroom, you can choose side-by-side sinks which contain two sinks that furnished by a counter top of a cabinet. The cabinet can be used to store bathroom equipment or clean towels.

Vessel sinks

These sinks are attached on top of the vanity rather than inserted into it. You can find various vessel sinks in wonderful designs such as hotbasin sink collection. For example, glass vessel sinks can offer contemporary look while stone vessel sinks in different finishes (marble, malachite, granite etc) will add vintage ambiance in your bathroom.

Pedestal Sink
In contrast to hanging type, this sink is supported by one foot that implanted to the floor so that the sink is stronger. But this type is rarely used because the function is less and it needs more space.

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