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A Guide to Sprinkler Irrigation System Design to Save Water

>> Nov 1, 2017

Creating your own yard sprinkler system design can save you lots of water, time, and money. The most essential step that you must take if you want to develop a great eco-friendly, cost-saving yard sprinkler system design is to research. One of the best places to start your research is the internet.

Internet research can save you a lot of time avoiding trial and error, which can grow very expensive. Once you have started your research, you will find the following basic steps that one must take to create and implement a sprinkler system design:

       Measure your yard and the area in which you want to install your sprinkler system, then draw a map of the area. IrrigationTutorials.com recommends graphing paper. Make sure that you include elevation changes.
       In your blueprint of your yard, include building structures and other things that maybe in the design area.
       Identify your water supply source and measure your water supply.
       Choose the location of your sprinkler heads and nozzles.
       Determine the sizes and location of your valves and pipes.

It is most important that you thoroughly research Sprinkler Irrigation System Design and Irrigation Suppliers and Supplies. In this article, we will review the basics of both.

Sprinkler Irrigation System Design

Sprinkler Irrigation System Design can be complex, yet it is highly possible, and can be down right enjoyable, once you have learned its basic principles.

IrrigationTools.com highlight two important things that one must do before beginning the design of their sprinkler irrigation system: Water Flow Measurement and Sprinkler Spacing. You must know these things because the layout of your design will be contingent upon these factors.

       Water Flow Measurement and Water Pressure: Water Flow Measurement is the process that involves measuring the flow rate of your home's water water supply system which measured in gallons per minute units. The best way to measure your flow is measure the volume of water supplied by your pipes. Thus, "pipe size must be taken into consideration," states IrrigationTutorials.com.

       Along with water flow, you need to make certain that you have the right amount of water pressure, otherwise there will be either too much or not enough force from your water supply system to activate the sprinklers. IrrigationTutorials.com refers to this force as "the energy that is necessary to push the water through the pipes."

       Sprinkler Spacing: Sprinkler Spacing is determined by water flow measurement and water pressure. Simply put, there has to be enough water reaching the sprinklers to provide enough watering coverage for your lawn, which requires the right amount of water in your water supply system and water pressure. This impacts spacing because the less pressure in your water supply system, the closer your sprinklers will need to be positioned for full coverage of the area.

However, the more pressure provided by your water supply system, the further apart your sprinklers will need to be positioned, otherwise you will risk overwatering the designated area of your yard. Too little water coverage can cause yellowing of the grass in areas that didn't receive enough water. Too much water can damage to your lawn and/or garden as well. This where the appropriate choice of water tank pump, if needed, and pipes that will connect your water supply system to your sprinkler system has a major impact on the efficiency of the design for your sprinkler system layout.

Irrigation Suppliers and Supplies

Choosing the right irrigation suppliers and irrigation supplies is detrimental to the design for your sprinkler system. This is another aspect in which your research is most essential to your yard sprinkler system design. The irrigation tool suppliers that you choose need to be reputable and sell high quality products at a fair price. Purchasing your irrigation supplies online will help you to determine the best irrigation supplier to choose. As stated before, the pipes that you choose will be the most important supplies of your sprinkler system design.

Pipes determine:

       Water route
       Water pressure
       Lawn coverage

In addition to your pipes, you need to make certain that your water tank pump is functioning efficiently because it works with them to provide pressure for your water supply system. Onga water tank pumps are known for being durable and efficient.

There are many types of onga water tank pumps for suburban and rural areas, a few examples are:

       Enviromaster - for homes in cities and suburban areas.
       Dominator - for homes located in rural areas.
       AutoJet 40,60,80
       Multimax 120

The Enviromaster and Dominator are great for lawn and garden irrigation in terms of harvesting water and providing great pressure. AutoJet 40,60,80 pumps are self-priming, automatic pressure tanks that can be good for irrigation due to their Press control which allows the pressure to be adjusted. Multimax 120 is not self-priming and must be primed before use, however it is powerful enough light commercial use in addition to lawn and garden irrigation. You can Onga water tank pumps and other irrigation supplies online.

Other irrigation supplies that will be needed are:

       Water meters
       Backflow preventer
       Elevation Pressure loss
       Sprinkler heads and nozzles
       Sprinkler risers

You can find these irrigation supplies online, also.

Many would think that internet research isn't best method for finding and choosing the best products for your project. However, researching and purchasing irrigation supplies online will allow you to compare a plethora of products from all over the world, consult with the makers of the products, ask experts for their advice, as well as talk to others who are designing their own yard sprinkler systems.

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