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Teachergive Sale 2023

How to DIY Repair Your Espresso Machine

>> Nov 21, 2017

Espresso machine repair can sometimes be a costly expense.  Depending on the machine and when it was manufactured, it may also be difficult.  But for most machines checking a few simple things can save you a lot of money.  More and more people are getting these wonderful machines and putting them in their homes, saving time and money.  Why wait in line at a big-name coffee shop to drop almost $10 on a hot mug of espresso when you can do it in the comfort of your own home, in your underwear?  OK, maybe it’s just me doing that last part!  Now you can be confident in doing a few simple repairs to keep the cream flowing.

Water Not Flowing?

Espresso machines vary, but some come with pumps for the water which you must prime first.  Always make sure to prime the pump first.  To do this open the steam valve and let it run for about 30 seconds.  Additionally, if your espresso machine has a removeable water reservoir, make sure you check its valve and that it is placed appropriately inside the machine.  A clog is another common ailment affecting espresso machines.  Making sure you do so according to your manufacturers specifications, you may remove the group head and soak it in hot water to remove excess buildup.  Make sure to wipe it clean before placing it back in the machine.  Also make sure that you are using good, filtered water in your machine.  Tap water can cause serious buildup issues in espresso machines and even corrode it.  You can easily buy a home water filter and pour into your machine directly from that tap with it installed.

Proper Cleaning Can Do Wonders

Espresso machines often have quite a few parts that require cleaning to make sure that you are producing a decent shot of espresso.  The seam wand should be cleaned often.  Do this by putting the steam wand into a cup of water and opening its valve.  After 15-30 seconds, close the valve and remove the cup, wiping the end of the steam wand with a sponge or slightly damp cleaning rag.  Also make sure to remove the basket assembly in your machine and turn it on to run water through the group head after every few brews.  This is called back flushing and is very important for home espresso machines.  Since commercial machines are used often they do not require this as much, but because at home you usually only brew a few coffees in the morning and it sits unused until the next day, you need to perform this maintenance task.

Now Enjoy a Cup!

Now that you’ve cleared that clog and primed that pump, sit back and enjoy a cup.  You know have the knowledge to keep that espresso machine brewing good cups for a while!

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