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Why You Need Lead-Free Water for Your Household

>> Nov 9, 2017

Lead is harmful to people’s health, especially the younger ones. Lead can find itself in drinking water upon the corrosion of service pipes containing lead. This is particularly evident in cases where the water being channelled has low mineral content or high acidity, resulting in serious corrosion of fixtures. Brass or chrome plated fixtures with lead solders are the most affected.

The extent of lead infiltration in the drinking water depends on a number of factors including:

  • The acidity or alkalinity of the water depending on the various mineral components
  • The presence or absence of protective scales within the plumbing materials
  • The duration within which the water stays in the pipes
  • Temperatures of water
  • Amount of lead the water comes into contact with

What are the health effects of lead in drinking water?

Lead is a toxic metal that is harmful to human health even at the lowest concentrations. Its ability to undergo bioaccumulation within the body makes it even more dangerous. The infants, foetuses and children are the most affected. A dose of lead with minimal effects on adults can have serious physical and behavioural effects on children. In children, low levels of lead exposure have been linked to:

·         Retarded growth
·         Impaired hearing
·         Hyperactivity and reduced IQ
·         General learning problems
·         Impaired function and formation of red blood cells

In extreme and rare cases, exposure to lead amongst children can result in damage of the central and peripheral nervous systems. Ingestion of lead can also cause seizure, coma and even death in some cases.

Effects on expectant mothers

Lead has the ability to accumulate within our bodies when stored alongside calcium in the bones. When a woman is expectant, lead is released from bones in the form of maternal calcium to help in the formation of bones for the foetus. This is mostly common in expectant mothers with low dietary calcium. The resultant effects on the mother and foetus can be severe. They include:

·         Premature birth
·         Slowed growth of the foetus

Lead is harmful to adults as well. Exposure to lead can result in decreased kidney function. There can also be cases of increased blood pressure and even hypertension. Incidences of reproductive issues have also been reported.

Lead-free water for your kids

It is your responsibility to ensure the water your family uses is free of lead. That brings us to the important question; how can I ensure lead free water for my kids? First, you need to find out whether lead is present in your drinking water. You can have the water you use tested for lead. The testing can be done by certified laboratories for $20-$1000.

In case there is lead in your water, consider investing in a certified water filter, one that has been proven to remove led. Advisably, it should be whole-house water filter system to ensure the safety of bathing water as well. You need to know when it is time to replace your filter. It is also possible to reduce the incidence of lead exposure by sticking to cold water for drinking and cleaning your faucets on a regular basis.

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