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A Guide to Prohormones for Novice Athletes – Valuable Information You Will Need

>> Nov 22, 2017

Patrick Arnold, the famous U.S. based chemist, was the first to introduce prohormones in the year 1996 in the supplement market. He had developed the supplement named Androstenedione which inevitably did create a buzz at that time in the athletic world. With the tremendous success of this prohormone, many other prohormone supplements like norandrostenediol, 5 alpha androstanediol, androstenediol, and 1-4-androstadienedione flocked the U.S. market. However, each of the supplements had varied effects on the consumer's body. 

While some are converted into boldenone, DHT, and nandrolone (anabolic hormones), the others become testosterone inside the body after consumption. A changing wave hit the prohormone market with the introduction of the more progressive prohormone named 1-AD. It was Ergopharm's (Patrick Arnold's company) creation that proved to be potentially more useful as compared to Primobolan or Winstrol, the illegal steroids. The first ever prohormone, as mentioned earlier, was at that time not looked highly off by bodybuilders, but the scene was different due to the effectiveness of 1-AD.

What is it?

The strongest and powerful muscle builders available come in the form of prohormones. Complex as they are, there is an absolute lack of general knowledge of the same among people. After all, it will be your health at stake. So, why not learn more about it and commit wisely? The powerful compounds that when consumed gets converted into anabolic hormones through an enzymatic process are commonly known as prohormones. The effects are more or less similar to that of the widely available anabolic steroids, just that these prohormones are natural alternatives.

Quick muscle and mass gains is a natural result of taking prohormones, but the intensity, however, is not as high as the anabolic steroids just because of the slow enzyme conversion process. Over the years, the prohormone industry has grown with remarkable innovations, and its definition has also changed likewise. Now, along with conversion to a different compound, the term also covers supplements that have a hormonal mechanism.

Characteristic features

This section will talk about the primary attributes that are contained in all prohormone products. The prohormones act on the body through their effects on the estrogenic, progestogenic as well as androgenic receptors. Other secondary pathways also exert the effects of the same. For male users, prohormone intake increases sex drive and all manly characteristics. The side effects such as acne and hair loss are dependable meaning that they are individual in nature. The chances of these side effects become more if one is already prone to such conditions. Prohormones also cause considerable muscle strength increase where the muscles feel more firm and solid. This effect is linked with the androgenic effects. These are those that do not convert to estrogen-like RPN's Havoc that gives you rapid muscle gains with zero water retention.

Prohormones effect via estrogen receptors too, but the muscle gains are not of superior quality and tend to disappear frequently due to water retention. Estrogenic effects are a no-no for bodybuilders. However, remember that the primary medium of prohormones is via an androgenic receptor which means that whatever the initial impact is, at some point of consumption prohormones will undoubtedly have substantial androgenic effects. 

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