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Travel Tips - Things to Do in Melbourne, Australia

>> Nov 13, 2017

The Melbourne CBD in itself is a great place to visit. However, there is so much more to Victoria than the business district. You can go on a road trip and go surfing on Torquay or explore the awe-inspiring 12 Apostles.

You will discover so many wonderful things when you go on a Melbourne road trip. From the golf courses, beaches, food and coffee, there are a lot of incredible things to experience see and taste. You might forget to get your car service in Perth and immediately hop on your vehicle to start your adventure!

Go Surfing

Once you’ve had your fill of Melbourne CBD, you can begin your road trip by taking the Great Ocean Road to Apollo Bay. Drive leisurely from Melbourne to the official start of the Great Ocean Road, Torquay. 

After an hour of driving, you will discover some of the best-known surf beaches in Australia. Visit Surf world and experience the area’s surfing culture. After that, head out to Bell’s Beach where the Rop/Curl Pro is held every year.

Play Golf

You can make a quick stop at the nearby Anglesea. If you do not want to do a quick 9 holes, you can practice your skills on the driving range or just drive around and spot some kangaroos usually spending their time under the trees.

Fish and Chips for Lunch

In the next 30 kilometres, while you drive down the Great Ocean Road, you will see the stunning coastal views. If you’re famished, make a quick stop at Lorne and enjoy a serving of fish and chips by the beach. You’ll definitely have a chill and relaxing lunch.

Spot the Koalas

As you drive further along the coastal road, you will see the Kennett River which is known for its local koalas and friendly birds. Walk up the Grey River Road and spot the koalas sleeping in the trees. Don’t forget to get some bird seed if you want a picture with the king parrots!

Enjoy the Picturesque Views

Drive further along the coastal road and as you draw near Apollo Bay, you will see the stunning views of wild beaches, cliff tops and lush greens. Do not forget to get off your car and take a stroll along the beaches. You are sure to find spots that are Instagram-worthy.

For your last adventure for the day, from Apollo Bay, drive along the Great Ocean Road and go to the Cape Otway light station. The drive may take you about an hour, but you’ll be able to see the longest standing lighthouse in mainland Australia. Remember to climb to the top of the lighthouse so you can see the spectacular views of the Southern Ocean and the Bass Strait.

Enjoy a Gourmet Dinner

Once you’ve enjoyed the stunning sights from the lighthouse, you can drive back to Apollo Bay and stay there for the night. Enjoy a delectable gourmet dinner at Chris’s which features the stunning cliff top views.

If you want a mini adventure before going to bed, ask people around about feeding the sugar gliders. They’re so small and cute that you can feed one on the palm of your hand. It’s definitely a memorable activity to cap off your Melbourne road trip adventure!

There you have it – a whole day Melbourne, Victoria road trip itinerary. While we only featured a few activities, they are still enjoyable and memorable. You will definitely remember this road trip even when you get a car service in Perth.

Author Bio:
David Giltner is a content writer for European Prestige Auto Service. In between writing blog articles, he enjoys reading travel itineraries online. He’s always planning his next travel adventure.

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