Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

Give Your Heart: 5 Occasions to Give Figurine Gifts

>> Nov 27, 2017

The world of collectible figurines is packed with creativity, variety and artistry – just visit https://www.giftgivingallwrappedup.co.uk/ for proof!  Here are five occasions when giving figurine gifts might just be the best gift you could give:


Here’s an obvious answer: birthdays!

Sure, there are dozens of gifts that you could give someone on their birthday. So why give a figurine gift?

There are hundreds of different figures that can suit every age, style, passion, hobby, and lifestyle out there. From Disney to Star Wars; from Halloween to religion, you can find a figurine that will suit anyone’s tastes.

And then, they’ll remember this lovely gift forever!


A wedding is a huge day in the married couple’s and their families’ lives. New bonds are formed, and memories are made that will be talked about forever.

Why not add another layer of sentimentality to this day with your gift?

Giving a newlywed couple a stunning figurine that evokes the memory of their big day together is a great way to be sure that they are reminded of their wedding vows to each other for years to come.

Plus, they’ll have something lovely to display in their new home!

Housewarming Parties

Speaking of new homes, housewarming parties are another great time to give a figurine gift. Every new home is waiting to be filled with not only furniture, but also with the love of friends and family.

Gifting a figurine gifts a lovely piece of decoration in addition to the love that is held in your heart. And they’ll always feel that love when they look at it!

Baby Showers

It’s said that baby showers aren’t really for the baby, they’re for the parents! And nothing could be truer. After all, most of the gifts at a baby shower are to help make caring for baby easier for the parents, not the other way around.

While most will give clothes and diapers at a baby shower, you can give a memory holder instead. Giving a cute figurine can help decorate a room, but it will also become like a time capsule for the parents.

Every time they look at this figurine, they’ll remember that specific point in their baby’s life. Their child might even grow to see the figurine as an heirloom with time!

Going Away Parties

One final time that is a great to give a collectible figurine as a gift is at a going away party. It can be hard to say goodbye to friends who are leaving a job with your or moving away, so why not say it with a figure?

If you choose a figure that really shows how you feel about your friendship, the person moving away will cherish and look to that figurine for comfort whenever they are feeling stressed or nervous about their new move. And that is one of the best gifts you can give!

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