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Teachergive Sale 2023

Intense Weight Training and Pre-workout Nutrition for Body Sculpting

>> Nov 8, 2017

Many are of the opinion that weight-lifting by females will make them look manly. But, this is totally a misconception. Weight or strength training is the only way through which a person can lose fat. You can lose weight by starving. But, if you want to lose fat and tone your body, weight training in proper form is a must. Equally important is maintaining a healthy diet plan according to your body type.

What Type of Exercise can Help with Fat Loss and Body Toning?

The compound exercises are a must for effective fat reduction. Bench press, shoulder press, shoulder raise, barbell curl, half squats, lying leg press, lunges and deadlifts are essential exercises to be included in the routine. There is also a role of cardio training. But, remember, cardio must not be done before a weight training session. Cardio sessions should be done post the weight training to gain the maximum impact. Also, the total time for a day's training session must be no more than 90 minutes. Try to drink water in between the workouts to stay hydrated. Feel the intensity and work for each muscle group separately.

What Type of Food to Include in the Diet?

You need to consume 4-5 times in a day, at the least. There will be a specific diet to follow pre-work; and then, another, post the workout. The pre-workout diet must include 40% carbs, 30% protein and 30% fats plus amino acids. It must be taken 90-120 minutes prior to the workout. This is necessary to fuel your body and provide it with the right energy. Then, 30 minutes prior to the workout session, you need to take a supplement blend that will help in boosting your performance in the gym. Look for the best preworkout supplement for women that focuses not only on the recovery support and higher fat metabolism, but also helps in providing high energy, endurance level and strength. 

Sample Workout Routine
  1. Monday – Upper body (Shoulder, Pecs, Back, Traps, upper abs) (Dumbbell Shoulder press, Flat Bench Smith Machine Press, Bent Over Both Arm Dumbbell Back Raise, Seated Cable Inclined Row, Half Crunches)
  2. Tuesday – Cardio (cycling) and stretching
  3. Wednesday- Lower body (Lower back, butts, Quads, Hamstring, Calf, lower abs) (Bent Leg Dead Lift, Dumbbell Walking Lunges, Smith Machine Semi Wide Stance Half Squat, Seated calf raise, Lying Leg Raise)
  4. Thursday- Cardio (Mountain Climber/Stepper) and stretching
  5. Friday- Abs and cardio (upper, lower, and side abs) (Crunches and hold, Oblique Crunches, Twisting, Plank, Leg Scissors) (Jump and squat, spot jogging, inclined treadmill walking)
  6. Saturday- Full body and stretching (a circuit training combining of 6 workouts, one after another; and then, again repeating the entire circuit) (LatPulldown, High pulley cable crossover, seated cable row, stiff-legged deadlift, leg press, Cable Bicep Curl, Cable Tricep Pushdown)
  7. Sunday- Off
Lifting weights will not only help you with your fitness goals, but also make you more active and focused on your daily work activities. With the right kind of nutrition intake, you will achieve that perfect body you always dreamed of. Work hard towards your fitness goals and the upcoming festive season will find you in a new avatar. All the best! 

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