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How Wearing Hair Weave to Get Perfect Natural Look

>> Nov 23, 2017

There are various reasons that might cause someone to decide using a hair product. It could be for making a fashion statement, covering hair problems such as hair loss and baldness or others. Among the variety of hair pieces available in the market, hair weave that offered in different hair grades, hair lengths, colors, hair textures and hair styles is one of the popular items. Why hair weave like deep wave weave is chosen by many women? Well, this kind of hair product can give solutions for any woman who loves changing styles frequently without putting their natural hair on risk of exposed by chemical matters.
6A Hair Weave Brazilian Hair Bundles Body Wave –Price:$60.51 /piece (45%off)
Let’s say that you want to look trendy with ombre long straight hair for a special party next month but not only you can’t wait a few months for your current middle length hair to reach the desired length, there is also a coloring treatment that might harm your strands. Installing long straight weave could be an ideal way out. Within hours, you can have the dream look since the hair weave can be colored and restyled to create your preferred ombre hair. If you opt for the faster way, shop and wear straight ombre hair weave such as below.
8A Premium Hair Weave Brazilian Hair Bundles Straight Hair Ombre-Price:$126.54 /piece (15%off)
It seems too good to be true…but wait; you might make mistakes that turn your hair into a hot mess. Yeah, lack of required knowledge about hair weave can lead you to disappointment. Whatever the reason is, the most desired result of wearing hair weave is to get completely natural look. You don’t want others notice that you are using hair pieces on your head, right? So, to get perfect natural look, there are some points that you should consider first and then start searching the pieces that suit you most.

Make sure that the weave from high quality human hair. You should know the grade of the used human hair.
Investing on good quality hair weaves that made from high graded human hair is much suggested. The hair weaves that attached on your natural hair will blend well to create fuller and longer locks. Good weave allows you to create different new styles in any color that you’d like to try.   

Decide the style that you desire and other purposes that you want to achieve.
It will determine the length and how many bundles of hair weave that you should buy. If you want to get the full look or cover more your upper head part, wear the weave together with the matched lace or silk base closure. This top closure hair piece also supports you to change parting easily. Thus the hair weave that installed properly with the closure will create a perfect natural looking!

Common mistakes in installation and treatment.
Actually, wearing hair weave can protect natural hair by giving your strands a rest from any styling that might involve the heat, stress and chemical ingredient. Yet the common mistakes in installation and treatment might lead to problems like hair loss or messy hair look. Avoid using glue when installing the hair pieces; sew-in the hair weave on your braided strands and sew-in the closure are more recommended ways. Make sure to deep condition the scalp and wash the hair pieces before attached on your strands.

After the installation, proper care is needed if you want to keep the good look. Regular washing and conditioning thoroughly –at least twice a week- is a must. Do the scalp treatment if needed. Too long application will hurt your hair and tend to breakage; that’s why after 4-6 weeks, hair weaves should be removed so your natural hair can rest and scalp can breathe. Let your hair and scalp free for minimum one month if you want to continue wearing hair weave again.

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