Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

How to Find Affordable Medical Work Wardrobe

>> Nov 11, 2017

Whether you are starting a new career in the medical field or need to update your existing work wardrobe, finding affordable scrubs and lab coats in the retail world can be costly. Here are a few unique places to shop and look for discount scrubs.
meta lab coats
Consignment And Thrift Stores

In some consignment shops and chain thrift stores, you can find quite a nice selection of scrub tops and bottoms. If the store is located near a major hospital or medical facility, they may receive enough medical apparel in on consignment or donation to designate and entire section in the store just for scrubs.

Smaller thrift stores may not have designated sections in their store for scrubs, so you will have to diligently sift through the racks to find them; the price point makes it well worth the hunt. You can expect to pay just a few dollars a piece for good-quality scrubs at a thrift or consignment store.

Garage Sales/Social Media Yard Sale Groups

Surprisingly, you can actually find a plethora of medical scrubs online and out in your community. If you have the time to venture out on a weekend day and hit up some local yard sales, you may be pleasantly surprised to find medical attire at quite a few of the sales. It also never hurts to ask the homeowner if they have any they would like to sell.

There are also a vast number of online yard sale groups on most of the social media platforms. Join a few, and you can sift through the posts or start your own thread asking anyone if they have scrubs for sale.

Shop Online

The fastest and easiest way, if time is an issue, to shop for scrubs is to purchase them online. Whether you are looking for meta lab coats, scrub tops and bottoms or specialty brands and prints, you will find the biggest and best selection in an online shop that specializes in medical attire. Scrubs Unlimited is an example of an online shop that specializes exclusively in medical apparel.

There are probably quite a few brick-and-mortar retail stores, medical supply shops or uniform outfitters in your community that dedicate a special section of the store to scrubs. If you live in a small community, you may need to shop online for all of your medical scrubs, and it will also save you time and money.

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