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6 Water Heating Tips That Will Decrease Your Heating Bills

>> Nov 7, 2017

According to reports, the electricity bills in winters rise as much as 30 percent than that in summers. Well, some would argue that it should be the other way round because of the effect of air conditioners, the fans and the coolers. However, they fail to realize that the heavy use of heating equipment such like geezer, hot water tanks etc. draw much more power than the cooling ones. According to reports, the water heating bills account for about 15 percent of your total energy bills.

So if you are also worried about your heating bills rising this winter, well here are we with a few tips to help you save on energy and thereby prevent a hole from burning in your pocket.

1.   Check on The Water Heater Temperature
According to standard convention, most of the water heaters have their thermostat levels set at 60 degrees Celsius. This is one temperature which is always maintained throughout the year, 24 hours a day and trust us it does cost a lot. According to some researchers, a water tank temperature can comfortably be reset to 48 degree Celsius and still the condition of the tank would remain. This 12-degree reduction in the water temperature can save up to 10 percent cost of your heating bill.

2.   Turn It Off When Not in Use
You sleep on an average for 8 hours a day during which plenty of energy is consumed even in maintaining the temperature of the water heater at 48 degrees Celsius. Save in some more by turning the temperature way down during your sleep hours or completely shutting the heater off if you are going on a vacation. To reheat the water tank you will at most require an hour before the system is back on its foot and you get hot water running through your taps.

3.   Give Your Heater an Upgrade
If you don’t wish to regularly scale the water heater temperature of hot water tanks up and down, simply upgrade your existing water heater and get a timer installed. This one-time investment can save up to 12% on your total water heating bills and will scale the temperature down when the water heater is not in use.

4.   Get A Water Heater with Insulation
Don’t use a water heater which is more than 10 years old as the same may have lost its insulation and most the heat generated in water may be dissipated through its surface. To see if your heater’s insulation is intact touch the surface from outside and if you feel any warmth then the insulation of this heater needs to be changed. Changing the insulation will save around 25-30% of the heating time and thereby save 5-6% on your water heating bills.

5.   Get Yourself a Drain Water Heat Recovery System
A rather new technology a drain water heat recovery system captures the heat which the warm water going down the drain contain and uses this to heat the cold water. This way you are able to reuse around 80 percent of the heat which was previously produced and thus save around 20% on your electricity bills. This system does come inexpensive and sure does require an expert installation, however once done it proves to be a worthy investment in the long run.

6.   Check Water Heaters Efficiency Before You Buy
If you have old water heaters then it probably is the best to purchase new ones as the old ones may be consuming too much power which will have a direct impact on your water heating bills. Go to the market and purchase heaters which have passed quality assurance tests and offer savings on energy.  There are models which offer a savings of up to 15 percent on your bills and though they might be expensive they prove to be of value in long run.

So, these were the top 6 tips which will help you save on your water heating bills and will allow you to enjoy winters completely without worrying about the money the cost.

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