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Tasty Snacks You can Enjoy During a Solar Eclipse

>> Nov 23, 2017

A solar eclipse is not only a natural phenomenon, but it leaves an impact on your mind. People want to celebrate the day in different manners. A solar eclipse is not visible always from every part of the world. As it is a rare incident, people often get superstitious and believe in myths based on the solar eclipse. Whatever it is, celebrating the day to memorize it throughout your life is a common habit for many of you. How can you do that? Go for some unique snacks to enjoy the time.

What to Eat at the Time of a Solar Eclipse?

No matter how you take solar eclipse in your life, such an incident gives you stories to share with your future generation. Whether it is scientific or you take it as a cosmic incident, here are some great food items you can try during this time.

1.   Coffee with Crackers - This is really very common. But, you can add the unique touch on a special day by having coffee in a solar eclipse mug. Have you checked out the designs online? You will be amazed at the variety you will get. Basically, the mugs are black in color and the design of solar eclipse is done on that. Those look awesome and increase your love of coffee.
2.   Wisconsin Cheese - According to many legends, the moon is made of cheese. While having a piece of it, you may imagine that you are having a bite of the moon. That is quite interesting, right? You may not see the total eclipse, but having the entire cheese is really astral.
3.   Chips and Fries - During an eclipse, when you watch the celestial incident of covering the sun by the shadow of the moon, munching on a handful of chips can be great. Maybe, the solar eclipse is for a few minutes, but enjoying these snacks will last longer.
4.   Dark Chocolate Brownie - Are you going to witness a total eclipse from your city? Enjoy the lifetime experience while indulging yourself in a soft dark chocolate brownie. When your surrounding gets dark during the day, you feel the sweetness of darkness by enjoying your brownie.
5.   Moon Pies - Are you planning to bake something on the solar eclipse day? How about baking moon pie at home? Yes, you can also buy it from bakeries, but preparing it at home means that you are baking the moon to remove it from its place between the sun and the earth.
6.   Pierogi - This is an amazing recipe to have on a solar eclipse. During the solar eclipse, the moon comes closer to earth, which is known as perigee. You can prepare pierogi at home and enjoy eating the half-moon. That is interesting, right?

These are the snacks to have during a solar eclipse to enjoy the time. Opt for them to make the most of the eclipse.

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