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LED Grow Light Myths You Probably Believe

>> Nov 13, 2017

What makes plant grow? It sounds like an open question, one with multiple answers. We all agree that light is necessary for healthy growth of plants. For the outdoor plants, sunlight might be just enough to meet the photosynthesis needs. If you are practicing indoor gardening, however, there is need to invest in a quality light system to ensure sustainable growth.

LED grow lights have proven great for indoor gardens. However, many people still have doubts regarding their efficacy as far as hydroponics is concerned. Probably, that is what stopping you from embracing indoor gardening. Let’s demystify these myths.

LEDs contain hazardous elements

It stands as one of the greatest myths as far as LEDs are concerned. Some people believe that LED grow lights have hazardous materials such as lead and mercury. This is far from the truth. LED lights are considered safe. A recent research published in the Environmental Science and Technology journal reveals that nearly no LED lights are harmful.

With the exception of low-intensity red LEDs, which contain small traces of lead, the rest are purely safe. However, even the lead leak present barely goes beyond the normal regulation. As such, it is nothing to worry about. The fact the LEDs are fully recyclable makes them great for the environment and humans as well.

Switching to LEDs is costly

Some people believe that LED grow lights are more expensive compared to other lights. There might be some truth in this but it does not reveal the whole picture. At the onset, LED grow lights are costly compared to other alternatives like fluorescent grow lights. However, their long-term costs are much less compared to other common bulbs.

You can get quality LED grow light bulbs from a grow shop Dublin with a lifespan of 50,000 hours. This is equivalent to over ten years of average use. This is far better in comparison to fluorescent lights that have a lifespan of 20,000 hours. Even more, the money you will save on electricity bills will soon offset the initial ‘heavy’ investment on LED grow lights.

LED lights operate completely cool

Another common myth being peddled is that LEDs do not give off any heat because they can stay cool even after several hours of usage. This is far from the truth. You should observe that many LED grow fixtures do not emit infrared lights beyond 730nm like the other types of bulbs. But that does not stop them from emitting some heat. The heat emitted is just enough to keep you from worrying about the burning effects of artificial lights on your plants.

LED lighting is not dimmable

Many people know LEDs for their brightness. That is why some people believe that LEDs cannot be dimmed. It is true that certain LED grow lights are not designed for dimming. However, some LED lights are designed for dimming. This makes it possible to adjust the brightness of the LED grow light to provide optimum light to your plants.

Choosing the right grow light for your indoor gardening needs is a sensitive issue. If you are going to settle on the best choice, you must be in a position to separate myths from facts.

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