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Lifting Magnets Manufactures - Easy to Find

>> Nov 9, 2017

It is recorded that magnets were discovered in the early AD by a Greek shepherd whose shoe and the metal tip of his stuff got stuck to a rock. Later it was discovered that special stones like lodestone had the capabilities to attract iron and other materials which were later termed as ferromagnetic materials. These discoveries that happened in several parts of the world revolutionized a number of activities in several industries. Today we have countless lifting magnets manufactures thanks to these discoveries and a number of technological advancements thereafter.


Bux magnets, Eclipse magnets, Yale and Armstrong magnetic Inc are just but a few names that are prominent in the magnets manufacturing business. These and other similar companies make a wide range of lifting magnets for varied industrial use. The most produced type of magnet is the permanent magnet. Permanent lifting magnets are widely used in industries as they are safe and have low maintenance costs. Other types such as the electromagnet and electro permanent magnets are also available in these and other manufacturers. The major value proposition when it comes to electromagnets is the fact that they allow changing of magnetic fields simply by controlling the current that flows through the coil. Manufactures today have also introduced battery powered lifting magnet which can be used where electric power is not available.

Factors such as completion, advancement in technology and changing customer demands have necessitated many lifting magnets manufactures to produce products that are more versatile and custom made to fit each customer’s specifications. No matter the industry you operate in or the nature of load that you want to be lifted, you can be sure to get lifting magnets that will suit you.

Information on Lifting Magnets Manufacturers

More than enough information about lifting magnets manufactures is readily available in the internet. Most of these manufacturers have websites that whereby you can learn more about the products that they offer and even get in touch with them for further interaction. Some manufactures are well known for producing high quality permanent lifting magnets while others are better at other types of magnets. Therefore ensure that you understand what you are looking for and conduct a thorough research before you settle on any one manufacturer for your lifting magnets. Regardless of where you are located, you can be sure to get great quality magnets for your industrial use.

Reviews and Directories

Several reviews have been made on different magnet manufacturers and this should act as a guideline for anyone shopping for lifting magnets. Read more than one reviews, both positive and negative to be in a better position to make informed decision. There are also sites in the internet such as IQS directory that provide a directory of magnet companies and brief outline of the products that they make. This makes it easy for you to find a good manufacturer especially if you have no previous experience in procurement of lifting magnets.

Procurement and delivery process of lifting magnets, both permanent and electromagnet can be very time consuming and expensive and therefore it is paramount you ensure that you buy a product that is best suited for your need.

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