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Guide for women when you buy bikini trimmer

>> Nov 17, 2017

A lot of women want to look good on the beach. Even though you are having a good body, looking good on beach may not be possible if the body hairs are not removed properly. So, a bikini remover can help you the desired look, perfect for a beach holiday. When it comes to this sensitive area, you must take a few precautions because it is not a simple exercise. The first is the choice of the bikini mower you will use.

Know above all that there are different ways to depilate this sensitive area, depending on the shape of your swimsuit, your tastes and those of your partner. From classic hair removal to full-body hair removal through the indentation, bikini, Brazilian or personalized, all require precision and delicacy.

Whatever the form chosen, it seems very difficult and painful to use wax for this area. The classic razor has a head too wide for this small part of your body. As for the electric epilator, it is the same problem as the razor, with the pain of wax as a bonus. Only the bikini trimmer is adapted to the sensitivity, finesse, precision that your anatomy requires. It has the advantage of being economical, more malleable and especially less painful.

Not only hairs, a scar might reduce the beauty of your skin. Don't you know that black seed oil could be a great remedy for clearing scars away including a scar that located around the bikini area? Check out : Black seed oil benefits.

But what exactly is a bikini mower?

This is an electric razor designed and designed specifically to allow you to get rid of the hair of the jersey area. It is so precise that you can even use small custom stencils to improve hair removal. This small electrical device is especially concerned with cutting the bottom of the hairs, which it does not epilate but precisely.

Advantages of the bikini trimmer

The bikini mower brings more considerable to allow your wife to take care of her body in the best conditions. Going in this direction, bikini trimmers are equipped with very effective and very gentle cutting heads that quickly remove hairs without injuring or promote the arrival of pimples on the skin. In addition, bikini trimmers have a grip very easy and can also epilate both dry and in the shower because they are waterproof. The ease also in terms of maintenance is a major advantage.

Braun Silk-Epil FG1100 bikini trimmer

When it comes to hair removal, comparoid recommend the Braun brand is a safe bet. Thus, the small Silk-Epil FG1100 bikini trimmer has all the desired quality standards to achieve a perfect result. Its T-shape places it among the most elegant bikini clippers on the market. It is an asset for cutting hair in less accessible areas. It has a smooth and soft handle particularly pleasant to the touch for a more precise use.  It comes with four accessories, including two guide combs of 5 and 8 millimeters. For hair removal of the larger parts of the jersey, the box contains a shaping head. You will have a precision head for areas with more difficult access. A cleaning brush will allow you to maintain your device, which comes with a carrying case and storage. To make it easier to use, Braun has even thought of inserting self-adhesive guides into the box to obtain, without difficulty, attractive and precise lines.

Philips bikini trimmer HP6382 / 20

With a very ergonomic design, the Philips HP6382 / 20 bikini trimmer has, as a bonus, a nice color. It comes with two shaving heads: a grid, one for precision work and a special bikini guide shoe. Little more, it comes with tweezers equipped with a lamp to illuminate precisely the area to be shaved to miss no hair. Like her competitor at Remington, she is used on dry or wet skin. It is perfectly waterproof and a simple cleaning with water is enough for him. A storage bag and a cleaning brush are still available in the box. It operates using a battery (LR6), a plus in certain circumstances..

Remington bikini trimmer BKT3000C

If the Remington BKT3000C bikini trimmer has only two interchangeable heads, it can, however, be at the level of its competitor Braun. Indeed, it is multifunction for increased efficiency. Its handle has a non-slip grip and its shape offers an easy and effective grip. Its little plus: it works on dry and wet skin. Moreover, it is waterproof and usable in the shower. Like its competitor, it is delivered with a storage bag but no cleaning brush because it is enough to pass under water to perform this operation. Lightweight and very handy, this trimmer is among the best sales of the moment.

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