Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

4 Most Dangerous Pests That Plague the Homes and Offices of the South Florida People

>> May 22, 2018

Most people love living in South Florida because of its good warm weather. Every year, people from all over the world come down to enjoy the sandy beaches, warm ocean breezes, and the warm tropical environment.

The one major problem arises when it comes to pests who also love the warm climate in South Florida. The humid, tropical air attracts unique insects and pests that plague the lives of most people in this part of the world. In order to eliminate these pests completely, you need the intervention of a good pest control company like the Exentoma South Florida. 
Different kinds of harmful insects and pests
1.   Mosquitoes – The warm tropical areas in this region provide the right breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Here, they lay eggs in water and the swampy areas and hatch more mosquitoes. The aendesaegypt mosquitoes are imports from Africa and they cause diseases like yellow fever, dengue fever, and zika.
2.   The Formosan subterranean termites – These are very common and very destructive pests in South Florida. They love warm, moist weather that attracts them to breed in large numbers. They are an invasive species that has its origin in Asia. These pests have become one of the dominant pests in this state, destroying homes and causing damage to thousands of properties all over South Florida. Formosan termites are known as super termites because they breed so fast and create such huge colonies as well as cause devastating damage so quickly. These termites live underground and create mud tunes to get around and up the walls of high-rise buildings and condos. If you notice any wooden floors feeling spongy or find mud tubes around your home, call the pest control specialists because failure to do so will lead to tremendous damage.  
3.   Mole crickets – These insects come with a large head and visible mandibles and measure about 1.3 inches in length. They have large legs with spikes at the end that are used for digging. They are often confused with cockroaches but these mole crickets are different from the normal crickets. Mole crickets do not bite and are not directly dangerous to humans but they invade homes in South Florida. They originate from South America but have pretty much settled in South Florida due to the warm humid climate. These moles devour plants and crops in gardens. They use their front forelegs to burrow and dig, damaging the soil and causing overwhelming plant destruction.
4.   Palmetto bugs – These bugs are also known as the Florida wood cockroach. They are very large and originate from Miami. They can grow in size up to 1.6 inches and emit a very foul smell. These stinky pests can actually spray a bad scent when threatened up to a meter away. They look a lot like the oriental cockroaches but they move a bit slowly and prefer to live outdoors in damp locations. They also invade homes and offices through tiny openings and prefer living in the attics. They are only found out due to the large droppings that they leave behind.    

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