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InvisalignVs braces: Which works best for You?

>> May 14, 2018

Depending on an individual’s case, braces may be the answer; while for others, Invisalign is the right way to go. Largely, the decision is one your orthodontist will help you make based on jaw, bite and teeth, and the complexity of your case. However, many people are not even aware that Invisalign is an option and would be surprised by the number of orthodontic issues that can be fixed with Invisalign.

Let’s look at what each technique has to offer: Invisalign vs braces
How do braces work?

Today’s braces are much more comfortable and less noticeable. In general, braces consist of three basic parts:  Brackets that are attached to each tooth, bonding; the material that attaches the bracket to the tooth, andthe arch wire; a thin metal wire that runs from bracket to bracket.

How does Invisalign work?

This option straightens patient’s teeth without the wires and brackets associated with metal braces, making it especially discreet.
The Invisalign process involves a series of computer-generated, clear, removable aligners worn to straighten the teeth. Each set of aligners gently guides the teeth into place and is worn for approximately two weeks before moving on to the next in the series.

So, which is best for you?

Both treatment options, braces or Invisalign, have their pros and cons. For example, sometimes the orthodontic treatment required is too complex to be treated with Invisalign (at least at the beginning).

The Invisalign process can treat many moderate to difficult cases using the clear aligners. It can definitely be said that Invisalign is often the perfect solution for those requiring minor to moderate tooth alignment. The aligners are almost undetectable when worn. Invisalign aligners are made of smooth plastic and won’t irritate the inside of the mouth. The aligners are also removable so you can brush, floss and eat as usual.

Invisalign is not for everyone. For example, one has to be vigilant in wearing their aligners. The temptation to take them out too often or not wear them enough is too much for some. This is why they are recommended more for adults and older teens. You need the dedication to wear the aligners for 22 hours a day. Also, there are a small number of orthodontic corrections that are not fixable with Invisalign.

Constructed from colored metal or resin brackets, braces are attached to the face of your teeth. Braces are better for fixing complex dental issues. For example, if one tooth is higher than the others, you may want to go with braces rather than Invisalign.

Braces are permanent. They work around the clock to help you achieve the perfect smile. Since Invisalign is temporary, there’s always the temptation to remove the aligners. And if you remove them too often, you can erase any progress you've made. Dental braces also work faster than Invisalign to close gaps or straighten teeth. They’re the perfect solution for fixing overcrowded or crooked teeth!

Although cleaning braces takes more time than Invisalign, Invisalign features trays you can remove and wash.

What’s also nice about Invisalign is that you can eat food you can’t with braces. When you have braces, you can’t chew gum or enjoy any of these yummy foods: sticky candy, hard candy, nuts, popcorn, corn on the cob and the list goes on. With Invisalign, these food restrictions don’t apply.

Invisalign is often worn for a shorter time frame. While you typically wear braces for two years, Invisalign treatment usually only lasts between nine to fifteen months. If you’re looking to straighten teeth without the long-term commitment to braces, then Invisalign is perfect for you.

If you’re still torn between the two, why not turn to your family dentist to help you make a decision? A consultation with a dentist can help you determine what type of treatment might suit you best.

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