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Tips to Help You Pick the Right Rehab Center

>> May 19, 2018

When suffering from any kind of addiction, whether drugs or alcohol, the right rehab facility can be a source of hope for both the addicts and their families. When the decision to seek help for overcoming addiction has been made, then the individual is on the right path to achieving a transformed life. With the emotional and physical healing associated with rehab centers, you will be guaranteed a successful recovery for your loved one. However, you need to choose the right facility for you to achieve this. Here are tips to help you pick the right rehabilitation center.
Accreditation and licensing

You must ensure that your loved one goes to a facility that is licensed and accredited. You should remember that the guidelines for accreditation will vary depending on the state. Therefore, you should take time to check with your federal government to ensure that the rehab facility you are considering is accredited. You should also consider the individual licenses of the professionals at the rehab center.

Outpatient or inpatient

When choosing a rehab facility, there are different options available. You can go for an outpatient program or you can choose an inpatient or residential program. You can make a decision based on the severity of the addiction or the length of your rehabilitation because it can be long or short-term, from one to three months. You can make the right decision after consulting with your therapist, doctor, and family.

Types of therapies offered


A successful addiction treatment program will utilize different therapies inclusive of cognitive behavioral therapy, group therapy, and individual therapy. The therapies will also tackle dual diagnoses. You should consider picking a Houston sober living rehab facility that offers alternative therapies too. Some facilities may be affiliated with specific religious groups and may offer healthy eating plans and activities such as meditation, yoga, and Pilates.


Customized treatment

When choosing a rehab facility, you want one that offers your loved one personalized treatment. This is important because every patient is unique and their addiction case is different. A good facility will offer every patient an individualized treatment plan that is designed to suit their needs and address any mental or medical health conditions appropriately. The treatment plan should be designed by a team of experts including therapists, counselors, and social workers.



The cost of rehabilitation services varies significantly from one facility to the other. Usually, the premium quality clinics will charge more when compared to clinics that have lower success rates. Be sure to discuss the payment options, for example, payment plans and insurance. Make sure that you choose a facility that you can afford to pay for to ensure that your loved one gets the best treatment options possible.


The right rehab facility should offer aftercare services for its patients. This is important because it ensures that patients completely keep off drugs after completing their treatment. Some facilities will offer aftercare services on their own or they can work with other facilities that are closer to where the patient lives. Make sure that you examine all your options when looking for a rehab facility. With the right rehabilitation center, you will be assured of successful treatment for your loved one.

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