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Mindfulness is a neurological state of mind you can master with ease

>> May 22, 2018

Mindfulness is the natural ability of the human mind to feel fully aware. Although it is an essential ability, modern lifestyle makes it a rarity. It is very common for us to feel overwhelmed most of the times due to the stress and anxiety that surrounds us during our work. Today, mindfulness is a gift that people can readily access with practice. It takes some time to master the ability to become aware of your emotions, thoughts, and state of mind.

Research shows that mindfulness has several positive effects on the brain. It can alleviate stress and help you slow down the age-dependent atrophy of the brain. As per several Harvard Medical School investigations, mindfulness is not another pseudoscience. There are several pieces of evidence of neural regeneration in modern neuroscience. Meditation is not just about relaxation anymore. It is also about facilitating positive changes in the brain. Meditation is not difficult, especially with technology guiding you towards the path of mindfulness. Check out Jinglow for a tête-à-tête with the mindful you!
What are some benefits of mindfulness meditation you cannot ignore?

Improves relationships: Mindfulness makes you aware of your surroundings. It also imparts deeper meaning to your life and relationships. Meditating will help you manage your time better. It will give you dedicated time with your loved ones. While spending time with your family and close friends, you will find yourself fully present in the moment.

Control of pain: One of the most significant advantages of practicing mindfulness is gaining an understanding of one's pain. Physical pain and mental anguish are the ubiquitous parts of everyone's life. However, that is still not reason enough to wallow and give in. Mindfulness meditation not only offers you a way to understand the source of and reason for your pain, but it also gives you control over it. You can redefine your relationship with physical aches and with mental pain after days of mindfulness practice.

Enhanced focus: A very clear, yet understated benefit of meditation is a significant increase in attention span. Today, you might find your mind wander off to places unknown even as you progress through this article, but practicing mindfulness meditation can give your concentration a boost. The chatter, background noise and the annoying voices that may keep you awake at night completely disappear once you take back the control of your mind.

Start small, continue strong
The leading cognitive benefits of mindfulness meditation include an increase in intelligence, improvement of short-term and long-term memory, and enhancement of concentration. It’s redressing effect on stress and anxiety improves overall brain health. As per the meditation guides and mindfulness experts, about 40 minutes of mindfulness meditation is ideal for all adults. However, studies on the neurological health of people who practice mindfulness meditation show that even 2 to 3 minutes of it can show a significant deceleration of the cognitive aging process. In fact, experts often insist that people can reap the benefits of meditation while walking or waiting for their train to work. Slowly, mindfulness transcends from being a practice to being a way of life.

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