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5 Ways to Help Your Child Get a Good Night’s Sleep

>> May 21, 2018

Just like you schedule enough time for entertainment, sports, and homework, you should also schedule a non-negotiable bedtime for your child. Even if it means cutting back on some activities and pushing some schedules for weekends, enough sleep is the best thing you can give your child. 

Just like adults, kids also have trouble getting to sleep. Here are 5 tips that will help your child get a good night’s sleep.

1. Soundproof the nursery

Nurseries play a key role to keep kids happy and safe. Don’t let noise have a wearing effect on your child. You can create a user-friendly room for your child by controlling the echoes in your child’s room. Spiking voices can generate discomfort in a room. 

To help your child get enough sleep, ensure the room stays quiet and calm throughout the day and night. You can also soundproof your nursery by introducing fabric panels into space. The fabric panels work on capturing the echoes in a room and delivering clarity on the original rich sound.

Your kid becomes more comfortable as the rich sound is restored in a room’s space. To achieve premium quality in your kid’s nursery, make sure you use the right amount of fabric materials. Remember, your kid's comfort comes first.

2. Use white noise machines and amp
Music coming from your entertainment room can disrupt your kid's sleep. Snoring family members, city noises, and loud neighbours can also affect your child’s sleep. Lack of enough sleep can lead to problems with learning and attention. This is where white noise machines and amps come in.

White noise machines for babies and amps are well-designed to mask annoying and unwanted noises with rich white sounds or nature sounds. These machines are great for your kid who has trouble getting to sleep.

Whether you’re looking forward to spending a splurge or a little for your kid, there is a wide variety of these machines in the market. Note that these machines will help child sleep while other members of the family continue with daily evening tasks.

3. Create a sleeping routine for your kid

Bedtime routines play a key role in helping kids adjust to specific sleeping times. Make it a routine of doing specific things with your kid before bedtime such as storytelling time or taking a bath. This communicates a signal to your kid what’s next after participating in daily set routines.

With time, your kid will automatically develop a response whenever you start executing the daily routines. This procedure is not only relaxing but also comforting thus creating an excellent bedtime atmosphere in real time.

4. Set an appropriate bedtime

Did you know that school-age children require a minimum of 9 hours of sleep each night? The earlier your kid sleep, the better. If your kid is used to waking up at 7, the sleep pattern can’t change much even if you delay your kid’s bedtime. You can set up and individualized bedtime for your kids to grant them enough sleep.

Learn how much sleep your kid needs to wake up active and refreshed, and set an individualized bedtime. It’s hard to catch sleep few minutes after participating in a physically intense activity. If your kid needs to be asleep by 9:30 p.m., make sure you start your daily evening tasks earlier to wind up by 9:00 p.m.

5. Turn of screens few hours before bedtime

Kids love entertainment. Your kids may insist to stay late night watching their favourite Disney movies. A recent research indicated that light from your TV screens or your phone interferes with the production of hormone melatonin (hormone associated with sleeping). High levels of melatonin stimulate people to sleep. 

Apart from turning off your TV screens few hours before bedtime, consider making your bedroom a screen-free zone. Your child needs enough sleep to stay active all day long. Leave your phones out of the bedroom at night to avoid disrupting your kid's sleep.

Providing protection from fears and keeping your kid’s bedroom cool are key factors that help your child get a good night’s sleep. Instead of dismissing the fears your kid, it’s better to address them. Some of the TV shows and videos games directly affect your kid’s sleep. Media violence leads to anxiety and nightmares. Always decide the best media content for your child.

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