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Pros and Cons of LED Panel lights

>> May 28, 2018

Right now LED panel lights are high on demand and are sold in bulks. Be it for domestic use, office use, for hotels or for outdoor decoration, people are opting for LED lights without even giving a second thought. Like each and every object on earth, these LED lights also has got certain advantages along with certain disadvantages. Here are some pros and cons of the LED panel lights:
Pros of LED panel lights:

  • The LED panel lights save cost and also future maintenance.
  •  It lowers the output of heat where the conventional lights waste almost 90% of their power on heat output.
  • These lights need lesser power to keep it going.
  • These can be set so as to change the color in a dynamic way!
  • When compared to the halogen down lights, these LED panel lights has got lower ultraviolet output as well as lower fir risk.
  • The LED panel lights do not just automatically burn out like the incandescent lamp, instead the diodes start functioning at a lower rate and the brightness gradually decreases.
  •  It is not likely that the LED bulbs will get damaged due to the on off cycle.
  • The most eye catching factor about the lights is that they are eco- friendly and do not emit much carbon dioxide as compared to the other conventional lights available in the market. These lights normally do not contain toxic materials.

Cons of LED panel lights:

  • These are comparatively expensive than the regular lights that are available in the markets. But the prices of the LED panel lights have been decreasing over the years.
  • These LED lights at times degrade in color quality. These often lead to the flickering of lights, loss of brightness and unbalanced light.
  • These lights are very sensitive when it comes to the temperature of its surrounding. When these lights are installed in areas which have got high surrounding temperature, they often fail to function.
  •  It is often found that the light quality of the LED bulb degrades over time.
  • At times these lights are not compatible with the existing transformers that are of low voltage.
  • It can be a problem if the LED panel lights are taller in height than the normal halogen lights as they might not fit in if the roof space is very limited.
  •  Not all LED panel lights are dimmable, hence can be a real problem to the customers.

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