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Sugar-Free Drinks And Chewing Gum May Cause Damage to Teeth

>> May 29, 2018

We know sugar is bad for our teeth. We also know eating or drinking sugary items can lead to tooth decay. So, we mostly try to stay away from such items in order to stay on top of our dental health. To whet the appetite, we even turn to sugar-free drinks and try to minimize damage to our teeth. We are told by dentists that chewing gum is good for teeth as not only it scrubs away food between teeth but also keeps the mouth hydrated. 

But what if someone told you that sugar-free drinks and gums are actually not that helpful as you may think? What if these ‘items’ you consider face cause damage to your teeth? Yes, it’s true and you need to be careful to not cause damage to your teeth. 

Let’s see how sugar-free drinks can cause damage to your teeth -

1. The tooth-friendly sugar alcohol xylitol is not as safe as you believe 
If you have ever bought sugar-free foods, you must have noticed the label saying the product has sugar alcohol xylitol. This ingredient is also common in chewing gum and we have been told that it’s actually good for our teeth. However, several studies in recent times have established how the tooth-friendly xylitol is actually otherwise. It has the potential to cause damage to your teeth and gums; it may also lead to other dental problems. You can clearly see the foods we have so far believed to be good for your dental health are actually not as they contain something that is bad for your teeth.  

2. Your sugar-free products may contain acidic flavorings and preservatives
You happily buy and gorge on sugar-free products hoping them to not harm your teeth in any which way. Since such foods are free of sugar, you will stay away from the risk of cavities. Sadly though, cavities are not the only dental problem to worry about as can you ignore dental erosion or tooth decay? You should know that most sugar-free products actually have acidic flavorings and preservatives which may cause dental erosion with regular use. You know all along that any food that is acidic may lead to tooth erosion, so would you still go with products containing traces of acid in the form of flavor or ingredient? This is where you should stay clear of the sham called sugar-free foods. 

3. Artificial sweeteners are bad for your overall health  
You can clearly see how sugar-free products are not worth the trust when it comes to our dental health. The earlier we ditch them the better it will be for our teeth and gums. In the same way, most of these sugar-free drinks and chewing gums actually use artificial sweeteners which have been found by studies to cause harm to our body and overall health. The foods using sweeteners may actually cause you gain weight apart from causing those dental risks. For that reason, diet soda does harm your teeth in more ways than you could think.     

4. Ditch sugar-free foods and switch to a healthy diet of low-sugar 
If you want the risks of cavity and tooth decay to be minimized greatly, it’s better to switch to a healthy diet of low sugar. Else, the cavity may aggravate requiring dental crowns queens or filling or tooth extraction in the process. You know sugar foods can cause cavity, so avoid them altogether, if not, then at least, cut down their intake. And yes, stay clear of processed foods including those sugar-free ones to maintain your dental health and lead a heathy life going forward.

Author Bio:-
Sawoni Chowdhury is an aficionado of writing. She is an expert writer and blogger and shares her views and opinions on a range of topics such as Lifestyle, Business, Entertainment and lot more. She works for invisalign dentist in Queens area.

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