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All you need to know about HVAC maintenance

>> May 17, 2018

All home owners have two things in common; they want to spend less on maintenance and also need a perfect heating, ventilation and air conditioning system.

These are not impossible dreams, but a lot of home owners still complain of poor heating and cooling system and spend so much money on repairs. Why? It's simply because they are not aware of certain facts that will ensure satisfaction, cut down maintenance cost and also prolong the life of their HVAC system.
I'll be sharing those facts right here, so pay close attention. Here is all you need to know about HVAC maintenance.

1.   Check your air ducts
First of all, make sure you're not.closing too many vents, since this makes the work harder for your unit.

To check your ducts, walk around the house to ensure you can feel air flowing through. If you don't feel the air, check if your vents are obstructed and make sure they are completely open.

2.   Your evaporator and condenser ducts must be clean
The coil systems must not be overlooked during HVAC maintenance, they are a vital part of the system and a lot of damage can come from blocked coils. The first and most common sign that your coils could be blocked is an inability of your unit to come on.

To keep the system working steadily, the coils of both your indoor and outdoor HVAC units always be clean.

Don't forget to strictly follow the coil cleaner instructions when cleaning them. Damaged coils will dig a big hole into your pocket for repairs.

3.   Clean and replace your filters as necessary
Filter cleaning and replacement is linked to the type and usage. If you are using a washable filter, frequent vacuuming and washing will make sure you  don't need a replacement until about 5 years after you bought it.

If you are using a disposable one, wash it monthly and replace every three months. If you notice that air hardly flows in your system, that's a sign that your filter needs cleaning or replacement. Click here to replace furnace filters.

4.   Unclog the condensate drain line
This can be done by properly cleaning it. There isn't much work involved, just get a cup of bleach after you disconnect the line. Pour the bleach to clean out any form of mold that must have accumulated there. That's all.

Refusal to carry out this simple act can make your system freeze from line clogging, which will badly affect the operation of your system.

5.   Contact experts and schedule an HVAC checkup in your home
All systems need proper check up from time to time, a good example is your body system. Your HVAC also needs check up just like you take yourself to the hospital for health checks.

So as you carry out all the maintenance practices listed above, you should also remember to contact HVAC experts from time to time. It is a very good form of preventive maintenance. Since they are experts, this is the most effective way to ensure you don't suffer damages.

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