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Why Custom Business Signs May Be The Best Choice

>> May 14, 2018

Don't be fooled into thinking you can do without good signage; if they can't find you they can't buy from you!

You may not realise it but business signage dates back thousands of years. In fact, one of the earliest examples was discovered amongst the ruins of Ephesus in Turkey. Dated to the 1st century AD, this advertisement for a 'men's club' was etched into a slab of marble.

Thankfully today's business shop signs don't generally require a hammer and chisel! Quality signwriting for business signs is available right here on the Sunshine Coast.

Signwriting comes in many forms and has changed dramatically over time. Before the age of digital printing and revolutionary materials such as vinyl, business shop signs were painted by hand. Imagine the expense of having that done today!
Building Brand Awareness

Thankfully even custom business signs can now be produced quickly and cost-effectively thanks to new technology. Professional signage is an important part of any business and it's important to get it right. What type of signage is going to work best for you?

Signage serves many different purposes, from directing your potential customers to building trust and brand awareness. It also comes in many forms.

Illuminated Signage

Let's start with the most eye-catching signage of all, LED illuminated signage. These offer many advantages, such as being highly visible in all weather and at night. Illuminated signage isn't new, of course, but LED is far more energy efficient than the old neon signs.

On the Sunshine Coast, you can now access the next level of LED signage, the LED screen. Available in Standard or Custom, locally made LED Screens are designed to handle tough Aussie conditions, provide maximum impact and offer huge power savings.

Building and Shop Signage

These can include 3D Signs and Lettering, Fascia Signs, Awnings, Plastics, Window Graphics and Lettering, Window Frosting and Decals.

Outdoor Signs

Here we're talking about A-Frames, Corflutes, Directional Signs and more. 

Most businesses find they need a mix of signage and should negotiate a complete package with the signwriter. Business shop signs are crucially important to establish and grow your brand, attract customers and identify your location. Unfortunately, not all small business owners agree.

Drive through any major town or city in Australia and major brand signage will jump out at you from every angle, including the fast food outlets, carpet and furniture stores, car dealerships, electrical and white goods retailers. For big brands signage is a no-brainer.

False Economy

Small businesses, however, have much tighter budgets and are constantly looking for ways to save money. Reducing the amount of signage they have, or choosing inferior products might seem like an answer, but it's not.

Back in my newspaper days, I remember my advertising colleagues phoning small businesses that were struggling and suggesting they run some advertising. All too often the response would be that they couldn't afford to spend money when they were losing money. The thing is, that's exactly when you do need to spend money. The same applies to signage.

If profits are down because you're not getting the customers, it could quite simply be that they can't find you; they don't know you exist. A small investment in good signage could turn the whole situation around.

Custom Business Signs

If you're on a tight budget it pays to talk to someone who produces custom business signs. With less money to spend you need to ensure every sign does its job 100%. Ask yourself, who are my customers, where do they hang out and what do they like? That will help you get the most effective signage.

For example, if your target group is mainly comprised of older people, something a little more classic would work well. If, however, you sell hi-tech products to a young demographic, you should be considering LED signage. The fact is, signage can attract or put off a potential customer so it's important to get it right.

It also needs to convey important information, including the business name, location, trade and contact details. And these have to be big enough to read; avoid the temptation of squeezing masses of information into a tiny sign - it's a waste of money.

Quality Over Quantity

If your budget is small it may be better to invest in a few quality signs than lots of cheap and nasty signs. In surveys, consumers admit that when choosing a business, they will use the quality of its signage as an indication of the quality of its goods or services.

It's also vitally important that all your signage reflects your branding and correlates with your website. Remember, most consumers now search online for a local business. If they have visited your website they will be looking for that same logo/colours/branding.

Signage certainly is both an art and a science, which is why there's a huge difference between cheap imported signs and those produced by skilled signwriters. When you work with a local company they understand the area and the people, and they know what works and what doesn't.

When it comes to quality signwriting for business signs it pays to choose wisely.

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