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4 sure ways to know if your marriage is in trouble

>> May 16, 2018

You may feel like your marriage is in trouble but are not sure, and are afraid to talk about it lest you make it worse. However, noting the problem beforehand and working towards solving it may actually save your marriage. The saying that a problem shared is a problem half solved is true. Keeping quiet about it may lead you to a bad place you can’t get back from. The only option you would have left is to seek for a divorce. You would need to look into law firms like VandenHeuvel&Dineen to help you out. In order to avoid this, here are four ways to know if there is trouble and sort it out:
1.   Lack of communication.
Communication is key in every relationship. It is the only way you can gauge how your partner is feeling and where they are in life. You are not a mind reader. In order to know the problems you have in your relationship, you need to voice them out. If you and your spouse live in the same house but are not communicating, trouble may be brewing. People stop talking for various reasons. The best thing is either to discuss couple’s therapy or air it out to one another.
2.   Thinking of an affair.
Your thoughts motivate your actions. Remember that you took wedding vows and promised yourself to your spouse only. If you start lusting after other people or thinking how having a relationship with someone else would be better, that should sound an alarm. It’s only a matter of time before you put your thoughts into action. Search yourself and get to know why you are having such feelings. Talk to your partner about your reasons. Ignoring the problem won’t make it go away. You need to be ready to deal with it.
3.   Too much fighting.
Fighting can be verbal or physical. If it is physical, there is something definitely wrong with the dynamic of the relationship. Either or both of you have anger issues that need to be addressed. If you reach a place where you consider hitting your partner, seek help. If you assume the feelings, you may actually make them a reality and end up beating them black and blue. Such violence can be forgiven only if it never happens again but it is not a good idea. In order to understand one another, you need to talk to each other. If you are constantly in disagreements, it may be time to rethink your communication strategies.
4.   Avoidance.
You should yearn to spend time with the one you love, not avoid them. If you find yourself wanting to be away from your partner, figure out why and deal with it. Another cause would be indirect avoidance. This means that you are simply not spending time together. According to huffingtonpost.com, when this happens, couples stop being friends and they become emotionally apart. You need to prioritize spending time together.

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