Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

The sooner you act in mold removal from air ducts of HVAC better it would be for family health

>> May 24, 2018

The system maintains a controlled level of humidity inside homes that gives maximum comfort during heating and cooling.  Although HVAC systems are equipped for both heating and cooling, its use for air conditioning is most popular. The system sucks in outside air that passes through the cooling arrangement and then blows in the cold air inside homes by displacing the hot air. The hot air escapes through the ducts and vents, and the cycle continues. The air ducts of HVAC system are most vulnerable to mold growth because of the environmental conditions.  The vents and air ducts are happy homes for molds due to the favorable environment of these places.  The ducts pass through places that are warm and have a high moisture content in the air. When cold air passes through the ducts, it can result in condensation of water particles in the ducts thereby inviting molds.
Mold at hvac vent-image:www.anytimehvac.com   
Air ducts invite molds
While the favorable climatic condition encourages mold growth, its survival within the ducts is also not at all difficult. Ducts are ideal places for the accumulation of pollen, animal dander, dust and dirt particles and dead skin, which are food for molds. Therefore, it is only natural that you would find a widespread infestation of mold in air ducts, which if not cleaned regularly could pose serious health hazards for the inhabitants.  Being on the watch out for mold growth in air ducts and vents would help to detect problems early and take corrective action to ensure healthy living.

Detecting molds by the smell
To detect if molds have accumulated in air ducts, you have to either inspect the ducts and vents, which is not always easy if you want to do by yourself or have to depend on some signs and symptoms that tell about the existence of molds.  The most telling sign of molds is its musty smell that is so typical that you become sure of its presence. The odor could spread throughout the house or localize at some rooms and adjoining areas. Moreover, if the place you live has a warm climate, there are high chances of mold growth in air ducts.

Other telling signs that molds are present
Any feeling of uneasiness the moment you enter into an air-conditioned room should make you suspicious about the presence of molds. If you experience irritation of the eyes, throat, and nose, it is a clear sign that molds are responsible for it.  Molds cause allergies that can manifest in the form of running nose, watering eyes, and rashes. These symptoms might show up immediately or may take some time but make no mistake that it is due to molds. Momentary headaches that one feels inside air-conditioned rooms that vanish as soon as stepping outside happen from molds. If your family members feel fatigue, nausea and dizziness inside the rooms do not waste time but arrange for cleaning molds that gather inside air ducts.

Do not wait for the situation to turn worse and act fast to clean air ducts to make it mold free for enjoying healthy living.

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