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Teachergive Sale 2023

8 Expert Tips to Reduce Stress in Your Nursing Job

>> May 4, 2018

Stress and tension have become a part of human life. Every human being in this world is suffering from stress and tension. Stress can be of two types - one external and another internal. External stress factors are found in your surrounding physical environment which includes relationship with family friends and so on. Internal stress factors include individual’s health, emotional stability and so on. As a nurse, an individual has to undergo a lot of stress and tension. 
Nurses have to face many challenging situations each and every day in their both personal as well as professional life. They have to undergo certain policy change. If all the nurses maintain a positive outlook, stay healthy and freely share their thoughts and views with others and their fellow colleagues then the nurses can better cope with potential stressors. If all the nurses maintain a stress-free life then they will take care of the patients in a better way and increase personal satisfaction. To maintain a stress and tension free life in a job of a nurse you need you to follow and apply very easy tips:

Ø  CONSIDER YOURSELF FIRST: You need to first look into yourself and check whether everything you are doing is correct or not. Ask yourself first that how well you are going to take care of yourself while doing that particular task. In the job of a nurse to avoid and remove stress, you first need to evaluate yourself which means self-evaluation is very important. Ask yourself how you can take care of yourself both emotionally as well as physically. As a person, you need to be very strong so that you can deal with your own emotional stability. It is said that before loving anyone else you need to first love your own self. As a nurse, you need to first learn to love your own self and remain happy and stress-free.

Ø  POSTIVE PERSPECTIVE: When you are working as a nurse you have to deal with a variety of patients. It is quite possible that you might develop stress and tension, so to avoid stress and tension you need to keep yourself positive and deal with each and every single patient in a very polite and pessimistic manner. In this way, you can easily avoid unnecessary stress and tension. If you handle your patients in a very positive manner as well as spread positivity and happiness in your surroundings especially in your home, then you can get rid of stress and tension very easily. If being a nurse you can keep yourself positive even in a very difficult situation, then you will not hamper your health and remain happy in your life as well.

Ø  PRIORITY: You need to prioritize your work in a very organized and systematic manner. When you are working as a nurse, you have a very hectic schedule. So, you need to organize your work as well as your home in a manner so that you can manage both the things and remain stress free. The entire day of a nurse goes in running here there taking care of patients, assisting doctors and so on. This may create a lot of stress and tension in your own life. To eliminate all the stress, you need to arrange your day’s activity so that you can give time to your family and friends and remain satisfied.

Ø  LISTEN TO SOOTHING MUSIC: When you work as a nurse, entertainment is scarce or rather vanishes from your life. So, in between work, you need to take time out for yourself and listen to soothing music so that you can relax yourself for some time. If you can listen to music in-between your work hours, then it helps you to get rid of stress and tension to some extent. Also, it can calm down your over-worked mind and help you perform your duties much better than usual.

Ø  MEDITATION: When you work as a nurse, you already know a lot about meditation. To remove stress and tension from your life meditation is the best possible way through which you can just feel relaxed and make yourself comfortable. Slow, deep breathing is among the best stress reducers which every nurse should follow in their respective lives. This process is among several rhythmic activities along with walking and laughing your heart out that causes the release of endorphins that make a person calmer. Breathe in through the nose and breathe out via your mouth. This is one of the very easiest ways to release stress and tension from the body. Whenever you get a little free time during your duty hours or when you realize that you are undergoing a lot of pressure and stress in your personal as well as in your professional career being a nurse, you should simply apply this technique.

Ø  NUTRITION: Being a nurse, you have to work very hard so that you can earn money. Naturally, people often fail to follow the simplest of the dietary regimens and miss out on very basic nutrition. So, it very important that you eat properly every single day. You need to maintain a healthy diet with regular scheduled meals whenever possible. Taking care that you are getting or rather receiving proper nutrition is very important because if you receive proper nutrition you will be able to boost your stamina, efficiency and patience levels and ensure that you fulfil your duties in the best possible way.

Ø  GOOD SLEEP: Working as a nurse for 8 or more hours takes too much toll on your health and doing so, every day of the year, is going to be a lot difficult if you do not get proper sleep. So, in spite of whatever duties you may have, make sure that you get good sleep during the night or during your off-duty hours so that your body can cope up with the stress that it endures during the day.

Ø  EXERCISE: To stay happy and healthy in your life you need regular exercise. To remove stress you need to implement a proper exercise regimen and follow it meticulously.

Author Bio - With the profound experience in the field of nursing, Kinley Brown has reliable sources of excellent and unparalleled wisdom, which she likes to share for the benefit of the nursing aspirants. The author's articles on the Allnursejobdescriptions.com display authenticated and promising content that is sure to enhance the career of the students looking for more insight into the field. Find every relevant information related to the nursing field like career guide, job descriptions, salary, et cetera, as written and enlisted by the author. You can follow him at @twitter

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