Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

Dreaming in an ice palace

>> May 2, 2018

If you’ve often felt that hotel rooms are too stuffy and warm or the bad colours are driving, you want to be like Eliza from Frozen then I think I might just have the answer for you. Why not stay in an Ice hotel? Ok, you’re going to have to travel to the arctic circle in Finland or Sweden but just imagine what you’re going to get for the trip. A whole hotel made out of solid ice. Everything is ice. The walls, the bed, the bathroom. The ceiling seemed to glisten and shine just like the luxury chandeliers from http://roccoborghese.com/. It is not a cheap stay over and the hotel ice rooms are quite expensive, so you need a deep pocket.

It is though a once in a life time experience. Each room is crafted with ice sculptures from renowned artists. You will find a multitude from the modern of abstract shapes to full on statues of famous swedes or a terracotta warrior. One thing that may put you off is that you can’t be unclothed in the room. In fact, the price includes the loan of boots, mittens, a snow suit and, worryingly a balaclava. In case you don’t know what it is; it’s a woollen cover for the whole of your head. As we humans lose over forty percent of our body heat through our heads you are surely going to need one.
You do get a tour of the hotel and its amazing other sculptures although the whole thing itself is a work of art and it is also amazing to consider that the power of nature can hold the whole thing together as well. The temperature in the arctic circle drops to below minus fifty degrees. That will see the sap in trees freeze and literally split the trees in two. The temperature allows the ice hotel team to make this incredible structure. They use water from the nearby River Torne. The ice is cut and shaped into blocks that are moved to the location via sleigh and the assembled together thawing the blocks very slightly so that they freeze back together into in a form of ice cement. The beauty of ice is that it can be formed and shaped into anything you wish with the proper tools and equipment. An Ice pick and blow torch are the sculptures and builders mortar.

It’s not just the blocks that ice is used for; the glasses and cups are also made of ice, why waste so a near and nature resource. The hotel is open through the winter months but as soon as spring begins; the time for the ice hotel is over. The structure is taken down and placed back in the Torne making it look like a big drink with ice cubes until the next year of course.

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