Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

Vinyl Tyles For The Perfect Home

>> May 28, 2018

Vinyl tiles are the perfect addition to your home as they can be easily matched to your walls and other interior aspects because of their wide variety. Thanks to the many advantages of flooring with vinyl tyles, they have become quite common in homes nowadays. There are many kind of vinyl tiles, a few of them are:

  • Vinyl planks- These are one of the most useful tyles that you could get installed in your home. Being one hundred percent water resistant, it is ideal especially for kitchens and bathrooms. They give a hardworrd feel to your floors while not being that expensive and having no cost of maintenance makes it reachable to all. You can get any kind you want at Wallpaper Singapore
  • Vinyl tyles- These types of flooring is usually different sizes of tile flooring that is put together to give either a stone or marble type look to the floors of the house.
  • Vinyl sheets- These are usually rolls that can be cut to size according to your requirement. They are a quick and easy replacement for normal floorings such as hardwood, natural stone and even ceramic tiles.
  • All vinyl floorings boil down to two types- sheet flooring and tile flooring. While sheet flooring comes in particular sizes and is water resistant but tile flooring is more preferred as it gives a very natural wood or stone like look.

Vinyl tiles have different kinds of surfaces that become advantages for the person installing them.  Urethane, enhanced urethane and vinyl wax are used for home flooring to become far better than they were before. The advantages of such flooring are:

  • At Wallpaper Singapore vinyl are easy to install they have a very strong grip on the subfloor but at the same time easily removable in case of wanting a replacement.
  • Some of these flooring has interlock system which has grooves and can be put together in a jiffy by even one person.
  • Some flooring can be as simple as just glueing onto the subfloor, this requires special glue that needs to be first applied to the subfloor and then the tyles are installed over it. This is better left to be done by a professional to avoid any mishaps.
  • A few tiles are self-adhesive and do not even need extra glue, all one has to do is remove a layer and place it where desired.
  • There are floating tiles as well that do not require any kind of glue.
  • This kind of flooring is very durable
  • It is affordable and gives a realistic wood or marble look at a much cheaper price which makes it approachable to many
  •  It is smooth and comfortable to walk on
  •  It is easy to maintain, stain proof and waterproof which makes it ideal for homes with kids and pets.
  • It lasts longer than usual flooring and can sustain a lot of people.
  • It does not produce the usual noise that floorings do

All in all, Vinyl tiles are suitable for any part of home, be it kitchen bathroom, bedrooms and even living rooms. Their variety gives you any kind of look that you would want according to how you wish for your home to look. With its advantages it outlives any other kind of flooring.

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