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Summertime Rubbish Removal Craft Projects For Kids - 3 Great Ideas

>> May 10, 2018

Parents, don't let that last day of school sneak up on you without a concrete plan on how to keep those kids of yours busy this summer! Further, why not be really sneaky about it and extend their educational activities under the guise of rubbish removal craft projects! Yes, you can teach them all about the importance of upcycling our rubbish removal without them even realizing they're being educated. They'll just think it's pure fun. Here are some ideas to help you get the covert parenting operation underway.

Put On a Rubbish Removal Fashion Show

What kid doesn't like to dress up? This is an opportunity to keep your craft projects going all summer with the goal to put on a fashion show for the neighbors and families at the end of the summer. The anticipation of the event will build and this will make it even funner for the kids.

Tell the kids you want them to transform items from the neighbourhood rubbish removal bins (or diverted from them before it gets there) into creative clothing they'd be proud to wear to school next school year. This will get them thinking about the project in a more serious way because they'll know it has to be clothing made from rubbish removal that they could actually wear all day.

You can of course make up any rules you want, primarily for safety purposes, but try not to quash the creativity of the kids by making too many rules or making the rules too restrictive. Help them figure out what items to rescue from rubbish removal without, of course, causing any kind of sanitation problem in your home :-) LOL 

Old clothes that are binned are fair game as long as they transform these old clothes into something new and creative. However, encourage them to collect plastic, cardboard, old linens, string, ribbon, and anything else that could be used in a craft project to create new fashion. Don't forget about accessories too. They can fashion hats, purses, ties, belts, or any other accessories out of the rubbish removal they find.

Encourage the kids to find their own way to express what they care about and to find their own unique style in doing so. When you have your fashion show at the end of the summer, be sure to take lots of pictures, and post some to social media. You can also tweet out some of them to the Clearabee Twitter page. As the largest private rubbish removal company in the UK, they are dedicated to finding novel ways to divert rubbish from landfills. A kids' fashion show, using items rescued from the rubbish removal bin, will be right up their alley.

Create a Crafty Clubhouse Out of Rubbish Removal

Kids love to create their own private little world where they can hide away from adults and just chill. Instead of going to the store and buying all new materials to build a clubhouse, why not encourage them to create a clubhouse out of rubbish removal instead? Let them turn it into a summer long, large scale, crafts project. When the kids are all done and proud of their creation, take pictures of both the inside and outside and post them to the Clearabee Facebook page.

And... why limit your kids to the inside for their crafts projects. Building a crafty clubhouse in the garden is an excellent way to get the kids out in the fresh air and storing away some vitamin D for the winter. You can limit their materials to the rubbish removal in your own household or to that of the neighbourhood.  You may also want to turn this crafts project into a treasure hunt and drive them around the evening before the bin men come to see what rubbish removal catches their eye for their crafty clubhouse.

Create a Rubbish Removal Collage 

Explain to the kids that many famous artists are now making art from
rubbish removal and that you'd like to see them create a beautiful collage out of your own rubbish. Using the internet, show them some examples of collages and ask them to pick a theme. It can be any theme really.... anything from hues of their favorite color to a social statement about plastic. They may also just use the rubbish removal pieces as their "tiles" to create a beautiful image.

Collages in general are a great way to put the eclectic groupings of rubbish removal items into one cohesive piece of artwork. You'll be amazing at what your kids come up with as they let their creative juices flow and find unique ways to upcycle items rescued from the rubbish removal bin. You can turn it into a group project or let each individual kid create their own collage.

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