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Learn The Beauty of a Robe in A woman And What It Means To Own One

>> May 12, 2018

Ask every woman and they will tell you their favorite all-time snug is a beautiful robe. A beautiful robe is a treasured item in every woman’s lingerie wardrobe. The fluidity of silk, the softness of satin, or the transparency of lace brings a beautiful feel to every woman. 

It is enough to envelope the feeling of relaxation in the evening as you relax at home or inspire you to get out of bed in the morning and laze around the house. 
Who thought of robes? 

In the late 1920s, robes were invented but only a few people knew about them. In the 1950’s, the idea of robes was sold to every woman through movies as something every woman needs while at home. Stars like Jean Harlow in Dinner at Eight and Grace Kelly in Rear Window made the robe look so appealing and beautiful.

If there is anything we can learn from the glamorous ladies of the past who brought the idea of a robe to us is that a robe is not just a luxury; it is an essential piece, not just for bedroom glamour but generally for indoors. If you have one fabulous piece, why not rock it and enjoy while at it?       

Why Robes?

Like many items in the lingerie world, robes are both useful and decorative. They serve as both a modesty cover-up and as a shield from various elements. A robe may accompany a gorgeous set of lingerie worn inside for the boudoir or they may be worn while getting ready for the day or an evening out. 

You may choose to wear your robe as you sip your coffee in the morning or as you lounge around the house on an off day. Robes are just great; they have a certain glamour and mystique that every woman deserves.  

Robes started out as a lingerie item only worn at home but Haber now become a statement of style. The beauty of robes is that they come in a free size, unlike most lingerie that comes in sizing of different body shapes and sizes.  This means the robe is unique and accommodates everyone – no one is to be left out from enjoying their time of freedom. 

This accessory has come up in the recent past and has gained popularity very quickly. The bride to be as well as her bridesmaids love to rock this robe on their last moments together as they have their makeup done and sip away some cool wine. 

This has actually materialized into a wedding photo shoot or a video recording that the ladies share before their friend walks down the aisle. Most women love the idea of being able to fit their friends with these beautiful robes because it is a gift that can and will be used again, thus making a bigger impact than most gifts.   

Storing your robe

Storing is one way you preserve your robe and make it last longer.  Always hang your robe with the tie at the waistline. Allow enough room to hang without dragging on the floor and give it enough space between hangers to avoid making it wrinkled or crushed.      

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