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10 Useful Tips to Design a Nursery

>> Jun 9, 2018

Once you expect a baby then you start planning to buy the crib, furniture and other items to design the nursery. Here are the top 10 useful tips to design the nursery.

1. Nursery Room Location

If you have the choice to choose the nursery rooms then keep it near your bedroom so that you can take care of your baby even at night due to closeness. Make sure that it has proper heating if it is cold and ventilation if it is warm. If there is window then keep it closed by curtain or blackout so that your baby takes a proper sleep. This will help to keep him away from any kind of disturbance.

2. Be Consistent 

Whether your home is traditional or contemporary, make sure that your nursery style matches with it. Your little one grows older in few years. Thus, its design should be such that you can easily paint the nursery furniture and it gets align with the color of your home.

3. Choose Adaptable Decor

Keep in mind that your baby will require new decor with the growing age. You should keep your budget in mind and purchase the adaptable decor items. For an instance, use temporary wall decor which can be removed with the new one or as your little one grows.

4. Keep it Simple

Nursery furniture looks attractive with fancy bells and whistles but they add no value to the design of nursery. Keep the design of nursery simple without any gender specific. If you go for the neutral and mix in accessories according to the age then you won’t have to change the nursery design again and again. 

The designing should be such that with the few adjustments you can reuse the items. For an instance, you can convert the crib into the toddler bed. By adding the few spare parts, you can even convert the crib into the full-size bed. This will be suitable for your baby in the adulthood age. Thus you can save a lot of money on the nursery furniture by keeping it simple.

5. Create Your Own Board

Search for the nursery design online or in the magazines and collect them all and add to your own board. Use it for picking the right color, focus on the ideas and match it with the theme of your home. Make a list of items that your baby will need just after the birth and in the later stages. You can also search the best nursery furniture online and make your nursery even the better place as you have the wide range of furniture to choose from.

6. Choose Right Colors

It is important not to choose the gender-specific colors like blue for baby boy and pink for the baby girl. This will lead to wastage of money as when your baby grows, he will demand the other color background which looks stylish. Your money will also get wasted when you have the pink color for baby girl and later you have the baby boy.

7. Safety

If you’re purchasing a new cot, it should have the AS/NZS 2172 standard. In fact, all the new cots should meet this standard in Australia and New Zealand. This standard means that cot is safe to use as the cot is deep enough to be safe for the baby. The cot should not have the cuts outs or steps and have the bars at the proper distance. Keep it safer by positioning it at the right place in the nursery away from the heaters, lamps, cords and wall decorations.

8. Buy Key Pieces on Priority

It is suggested to buy the key pieces on priority when you start designing the nursery for your little one. Parents often choose the colors first. But it is better to select the main accessories for the baby so that you can easily match the color accordingly.

9. Keep the Proper Space

The hardest part of designing the nursery is making it practical and easy to use. Remember to consider that how spacious the room is and how long it will be utilized as a nursery. Keep the proper space so that you can move properly within a room. You should also consider the space required by your baby to play.

10. Plan the Future

Your kid will grow up very quickly. It is important that you invest in one or two main items. Remember that your taste will change very fast and they will also have their opinions. Hence, you should plan for the future and design your nursery in a way that you can reuse them due to their versatility. They should match your themed rooms and color schemes even at the later stages.

Final Thoughts

It’s your home for your family to live comfortably. If it makes you happier then it’s perfect. Use the above designing tips to decorate the nursery. 

Happy Designing!

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