Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

Something you need to know while using a new hair vendor

>> Jun 12, 2018

No matters you are a hair store owner, hair stylist, or you are running a hair salon. For US buyers, there are America local hair vendor and oversea hair vendors. I think hair vendors from Indian or China are oversea hair vendors.

For running a hair business, the purchase price and hair quality are major factors that people will consider. All the local hair vendors are middle men; they buy hair from China and make sales in local market. I do suggest the people should skip the middle men and buy from China hair factory directly to make sure that you have the reasonable profit for your business. We have to accept that all business is driven by profits.
hair vendors
I have been visiting my customers in US many times. More and more hair business owners are choosing oversea hair vendors as hair suppliers.

Here are some honest tips for using a new hair vendor:
1. Conduct buying tests at the beginning to test the hair quality. For example, there are over 300 hair factories and we cannot say the entire hair factory offer the best hair product.
2. I do suggest using PayPal to pay for new hair vendors. Forget the western union or money gram. PayPal will protect the transaction between buyer and sellers. Means you can open a case once you receive the bad hair. So your hair will be guaranteed if you pay by Paypal.

Get a reliable hair vendor
If you are looking for a reliable hair vendor, please consider Ballice Virgin Hair.
Until now, we have worked with over 500 clients in US to provide them with the best mink Brazilian hair at the factory price.
Shipping to US: Take 2 days to US
Price: Factory price
Accept return in 10 business days.
So what you have is guaranteed with Ballice
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