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How to pack books for moving: a professional guide for bibliophiles

>> Jun 20, 2018

If you are a book lover, you will have tons of books. Moving is an ordeal for most people, but for bookworms, it is a nightmare. What if we told you there are ways to take the scary components out of this process? There are several ways you can turn this nightmare into a smooth dream.
Here is an expert guide from professional movers and an insight into moving books that will keep your precious belongings safe.
i.             Sort and cull
This part is never easy if you truly love books. Each one has a distinct memory, and none of them seem dispensable. However, if you have hired professional movers, who charge by weight, you might have to think about weaning your collection down. Additionally, if you are traveling a long distance, you might want to get rid of a few books that you do not want to pay for. Books are deceptively heavy, and they can add up to an impressive amount.
ii.           Find the right packing material
In case you have opted for hybrid moving services, you will have to take charge of your packing materials and process. Choose a medium box and a few small boxes that can support the weight of your books. Always confirm with the seller or rental service if they are waterproof and dry. Damp boxes can cause a lot of damage to your books. Invest in strong packing tape to seal it and then label the boxes correctly.
iii.          Reinforce the packing boxes
You can buy new boxes or opt for recycled ones. Nonetheless, you should reinforce the bottom and the sides with tape. You should tape more than once to increase their holding capacity and strength.

Packing softbound books
Paperbacks or softbound books require more care than hardcovers. Always start by laying them flat and stack several books on top of one another. Do not place the books vertically inside the boxes; this can warp the spine and bend the pages. You can go with wadded-up packing paper to fill in the remaining spaces. Check out the smartbook packing tips that can help you pack more and spend less right here at http://www.correirabros.com.

Packing hardcover books
Hardcover books require proper care during packaging and transport. Always start by stacking them in the box in an upright manner. Keep the spine against the side like you would on a shelf. Always pack the books tightly in this manner, but do not pack them too tightly. You should always wrap each book in packaging paper individually if they are limited editions or costly.

Packing valuable albums and hard binds
Packing albums for a long haul require particular attention. Always pack these and first edition hardcover books with stiff cardboard between them to prevent unwanted scrapes. Use extra balls of paper or Styrofoam inside the box to help the books stay in place.

In case your new home does not have enough shelf-space; you might want to check out a few storage facilities in the vicinity. Make sure the storage space is dry and cool. Not selecting the right environment for your books can lead to mold formation and discoloration of the older ones.  

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