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The Complete Inversion Table Buying Guide

>> Jun 17, 2018

Inversion tables are weight machines. They actually do not have weights because the body acts as the weight. An inversion table is designed to counteract gravity while holding a person in an inverted position, as demonstrated in inversion therapy. This position decompresses the spine while the lymphatic system releases blood toxins as a result of gravity pull. It is a unique fitness equipment used by professional athletes, gyms and at home.
benefits of inversion table
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Like most gym equipments, inversion tables can either work for the users or against the users. This therefore means that not all of them are equal. We are also different hence, what works for one person might not necessarily work for the other. That is why it is important to try out several options before deciding on the best inversion table for you. This ensures that you do not regret your purchase. It is also important to consider the storage space available especially if it is meant for a home gym.

Finding the best inversion table can be a difficult task if you do not know exactly what to look for.

Considerations to Make
The most important consideration is certainly stability. This is because using them can be risky. When hanging upside down, there is danger of getting injured in case the table collapses. Therefore, the inversion table should be made of sturdy and durable materials along with solid joints and bearings. The pivot point should be accurately balanced in order to set the apparatus at equilibrium.

When determining the best inversion table, comfort and user -friendliness should also be considered. The ankle braces should be well cushioned because the body will be exerting a lot of pressure on ankles when hanging upside down. The bed where the back, neck and head are against should be well padded. The bed should not be too rigid which may end up causing unnecessary strain on the back. The table should also be able to fold easily and must come with a locking mechanism.

There are many companies and businesses that deal with the manufacture and distribution of inversion tables. They are even available online. However, not all of them do a good job in providing quality equipments. Yet they may be getting great reviews. As a result, finding an unbiased inversion table review is quite a daunting task and also exhausting as well. However, unlike other industries, there are many quality brands that provide great products and reliable reviews.

Benefits of Inversion Table
There are many benefits of inversion table to the body. It is a great pain reliever to various parts of the body. If you are tired after a long busy day and there is pain on your back, joints and limbs; the table will most certainly help you alleviate them. The table is also a great tool for straightening up a bad body posture. If the spine is curved due to undue tension to the back, the table can correct the problem successfully. The magic of the table is actually to reverse the effects of gravity on your spine.

The health benefits of inversion table includes reducing pressure exerted on your bones and hence; improving flexibility of the body. The table is a great tool for relieving you of stress. It eases tension on muscles by reducing their tightness. That is why yoga incorporates an inverted posture as one of its important postures. The position helps in improving blood circulation in the body. This energizes and rejuvenates the body. The inversion table makes the achievement of this posture much easier.

Other benefits of the inversion table include helping in the relieving of depression. It is also used in fitness exercise to increase balance and stability. While gravity causes tension on your spinal cord, making you shorter by the day; the table actually stretches and in turn elongates the spinal cord. The table exercises your core muscles and helps in detoxification of the blood. It also helps in increasing mental alertness and hence, the attention span is prolonged. While using it, the mind is settled and more focused.

The use of inversion therapy is commonly associated with the relieving of back pain. It is a better comprehensive method to treating the lower back, which is caused by compression of the spinal disk. It is also excellent for fitness programs and has immense health benefits. Read more: inspirationalbodies.com

Where to Start?
When searching for a quality inversion table, it is important to first carry out your own research. There are many brands in the market and therefore plenty to choose from. There are even retailers that have specialized in digging up credible customer testimonials and hence, any inversion table review posted to their site could be credible as well. It is therefore better to deal with retailers rather than directly with brands. This is because deal with a variety of brands and have less biased reviews.

Apart from relying on an inversion table review in order to determine the most reliable product, you can also seek consultation. You can follow the advice of health experts who are in a better position to determine safe products for your body. They are also aware of the most reliable brands and hence, can provide vital information that can help in selection of the right product. You can also seek the advice of fitness experts like gym instructors who can provide a reliable insight on what to choose.

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