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Teachergive Sale 2023

Top Four Playful Dog Breeds for Kids

>> Jun 25, 2018

A dog can be a kid’s best friend, and kids can learn a lot from being around the family dog. But what’s the right dog for your family? Unfortunately, not every breed is a good fit for every family. Here are a few playful breeds that have proven their suitability.

1. Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Corgis pack a playful punch in a pint-sized package. Believe it or not they were bred to herd cattle, nipping at the heels of the much bigger animals to move them along. Nowadays, while retaining the intelligence of their hard-working forebears, playing around is where they excel. These low-set canines are happy around children and adults alike, ever full of energy and eager to please.

2. Labrador Retriever
Labs love life, that’s for sure, a sentiment I’m sure you’ll agree with if you’ve ever met one. With boundless energy and a zest for a frolic or a good swim, they’ll cheer you and your kids up with a single sunny look. Intelligent, eminently trainable, and extremely sweet-natured, labs are happiest when they’re around their people big and small. Bred as a fisherman’s helper, Labs love playing outdoors, and are definitely a people-oriented dog. They love games of all kinds, and their gentle nature means kids will have no problem keeping up with them.

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3. Boxer

Boxers are a bundle of energy with a big heart and a floppy tongue. Active and curious, they love being around children, and their easy-going manner makes them a great choice as a companion for your kids. A muscular breed, Boxers are fast and energetic, and like a lot of exercise and play. They are always up for learning something new, so owners should be prepared to keep the entertainment coming.
4. Beagle

Beagles are an outgoing, playful breed, with an independent streak a mile wide. They are well known for being active, happy dogs, and are great around kids. Patient and tolerant, they’re small enough that they won’t knock over the younger children, but robust enough that they won’t be in danger when things get rambunctious. A little mischievous and a lot playful, they’ll tucker your kids right out.

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