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What steps to take Before Professional Arrives for Emergency Hot Water Repairs?

>> Jun 28, 2018

Dealing with damaged hot water system is not easy. The first thing that you must remember is that you must never attempt to fix a malfunctioned system on your own as this can probably make the situation even worse. However, there are certain steps that you can take to ensure that professional hot water repairs are carried out smoothly. This article explains the steps that should be taken and when you seek help from a certified technician.

The Common Symptoms That Indicate You Need Hot Water Repairs Immediately Are:
·         Wired noises are coming out from the water tank
·         The water is leaking from the system
·         No water is coming out from the system
·         Water is constantly flowing out of outlet valve
Let's discuss more about these common problems along with the tips and tricks that should be followed to tackle them in a competent way.


Tips and Tricks to Handle Common Hot Water Problems

As mentioned earlier, a hot water system is prone to four common problems and each one should be addressed effectively.

#1. Wired Noises Coming Out from Water Tank

When strange sounds are heard from the tank then it means the system is malfunctioning. This could be due to several reasons, but many times it triggers sediment build up. But whenever you come across such a situation do contact a qualified technician for hot water repairs, because if the problem persists then it can affect the durability and performance of the system too. 

#2. The Water Is Leaking from The System

Leakage of water from the system showcases serious damage. Still, certain steps must be taken to shut down the operations of the system completely before the professional arrives. This is often based on the type of hot water system you have:

  • For electric hot water system, simply turn the switch off from the main power supply of your house and then carefully examine the water seepage. If the water is coming from temperature and pressure valve, then this can be due to damaged components that should be replaced at once using professional hot water repairs.
  • For gas hot water systems, begin by turning off the gas. You will find a small cap or the gas cock located close to the system used it to shut-off the system completely. Then, turn off the water cock and wait for the professional to arrive.

#3. No Hot Water Is Coming Out from The System

You rush to the shower to cherish a nice warm bath and suddenly realize that no water is coming out from the tap. Well, this can be due to leaked or damaged pipes. At first, open the cold water tap and see whether water flows or not and then check the tank. If neither hot nor cold water comes out from the tap then contact professional immediately who can examine what exactly is the problem and how it should be fixed.

#4. Water Is Constantly Flowing Out of Outlet Valve

Though water spills from the outlet valve is common, still the flow should never be constant. Most of the hot water models have levers that allow the system to flush out water at least 5 to 6 times so as to release trapped obstacles. If this does not solve the problem, then you should hire a technician for hot water repairs before the problem becomes worse.

Always Remember: fast and effective hot water repairs not only save you from unwanted expenses but adds lifespan to the system. Therefore, consider these tips and choose a certified professional for installation, maintenance and repairs of hot water systems. 

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