Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

Buying A Home? Learn The Benefits Of Conducting A Pre-Purchase Building Pest Inspection

>> Jun 6, 2018

When you decide to buy a home, it is vital to know that you are making a big investment decision and not just buying a lemon! As you carry out whatever other inspection you may want, remember to carry out pre-purchase pest inspection to ascertain the condition of the house. 
·         Creates awareness – Ignorance is not bliss! It is important to take your time when making important decisions like investing in a house. Just visiting the house you want to purchase is not enough for you to be sure that there is no critical damage in it. Getting a professional to inspect the house for pest problems is a wise decision to take before purchasing. It is vital to be well informed about every detail of the property especially the presence of any pests before you proceed with the purchasing process.
·         Allows you to carry out value assessment –Pre-purchase pest inspection allows you to assess the true value of the property you intend to purchase. It helps you judge if the amount you are being charged is ideal for the condition of the property. It is wise to know if there are any pests that will cost you more after purchasing the property. If there are any, it is wise to negotiate the price down so that you are left with money to work on eradication of the pests.
·         Shows you unseen flaws – Only a professional can easily identify unseen flaws. These flaws, especially from pests, can be well hidden from the normal eye and remain unseen until the destruction is beyond repair. The knowledge of such flaws well before the purchase happens is vital to the buyer in helping them make a lasting decision.
·         Gives you a clear knowledge of the overall investment – A pre-purchase building inspection helps you negotiate with the seller in case there are any existing problems that may make the deal seem overpriced. Considering that you will be dealing with building & pest prices, it is best to get a reasonable and friendly price for the property.
·         Helps you in your negotiations – The pre-purchase inspection report equips you with the knowledge of the true value of the property that you are buying. This report can help you in price negotiations with the seller to help you get a better deal.
·         Assures safety to your loved ones – The safety of your family should be number one in every home investment you make. The pre-purchase pest inspection helps you learn of any unseen structural damage that is caused by pest infestations. This report may help you change your mind early enough rather than regret later after the purchase.
·         Helps you make your decision in confidence – Often times you may still be unsure about the investment you are making. When a pre-purchase pest inspection is carried out, there is an assurance that you tend to have in you that you are making the right decision.

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