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Teachergive Sale 2023

Tempered glass is a good choice for reasons of safety, and you can install pet doors on it

>> Jun 18, 2018

Pet doors are an excellent choice for keeping homes clean as the pet can move out to relieve itself whenever the need arises. Moreover, pet doors make pets more independent as they can move in an out of homes without seeking any assistance in opening the door. It is a win-win situation for you and your pet when you install glass pet doors Perth. You can make your life easy and also for your pet by installing a pet door conveniently on a glass window or glass sliding door, depending on what suits you best.  When the dog is free to move around the house on its own, its ability to keep vigil also goes up many times.  If you hear the dog barking somewhere outside the home, you know that it is calling for attention to some incidence with which it is not familiar.
Tempered glass for patio dog door
Some people use tempered glass or toughened glass on patio doors and sometime later want to install a pet door on it. Tempering is the process of adding more strength to glass, and it is done during manufacturing. Once a glass undergoes the process of strengthening, it becomes so strong that you cannot even scratch or dent it, forget about cutting. For installing pet doors on the tempered glass at a later date, you have to replace the entire glass. The glass company takes the size of the doors and get the glass cut to size to accommodate the pet door within the patio door before tempering it. You can retain the old glass so that if sometime you do not need the pet door any more, you can refit the old glass.

Pet door in the double glazed unit
If you are planning to fix a pet door to a double glazed unit, a door or window comprising of two glasses with separated by some gas or vacuum for better insulating effect, then you must know that it is not possible to cut the glass.  Just as for tempered glass, you have to order a fresh set of DGU (double glazed unit) with pet door already fitted to it.

Distinguishing tempered glass from ordinary glass
In many places, the use of tempered glass is an obligation for property owners for reasons of safety. However, you cannot make out whether the glass is toughened or not from its looks. All glasses look the same, but toughened glass would have a distinct mark at one corner (etched or sandblasted) that could be an emblem displaying the safety standard symbol along with the name of the manufacturer.  Another way of knowing if the glass is tempered is to look at the glass in sunlight through polarised glasses. If you see lines stretching across its surface or shady, dark spotsit is a sign of toughened glass.

The most unfailing test to know if the glass repairer is using toughened glass is to ask them to cut it. If the glass does not cut, it has to be toughened glass.

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