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Tips to Keep Your Home Clean in Summer

>> Jun 25, 2018

How do you want to see your apartment during summer? Of course, it should be clean and tidy. But, when it comes to cleaning and maintaining a house, it becomes quite a challenging job. Summer looks usually good but it is responsible for creating unique clutters as well. From spoons of melted ice cream, old newspapers, glass stains to discarded liquid products, summer can be really difficult – unless you know the tricks.

Follow these tips to keep your house unsoiled and organized all through this hot season. Do employ these tricks to prevent humidity, dust, grime, heat and pests from taking a toll on your rooms.

Clean Your Kitchen


We all know that hot temperature is responsible for creating a stinky environment. It is the kitchen that can be affected the most. Take care of the appliances that need the maximum attention. Like a cooking bbq grill, microwave, fridge or a gas oven. In order to get the sticky fingertips off your refrigerator use a citrus-based furniture polish. To get rid of odour from your microwave, keep a bowl of white vinegar or a bowl of water with a lemon slice inside for an hour or so.

Pantries and kitchens are always known to collect rubbish and crumbs. It becomes worse when all these create a mess. So, try to keep the kitchen clean by taking care of it on a daily basis.

Clean Your Bathroom


Whenever a bathroom is not used, make sure the window is open, or the fan is switched on during and after every shower. This would prevent humidity. There are certain basic products that can keep your bathroom clean: all-purpose cleaner (a tile, tub, toilet-bowl cleaner, sink cleaner and glass cleaner), paper towels, dust cloth and so on.

In order to clean the bathroom floor use a scrubber sponge that would help in removing the dirt. Sweep the floor and then mop it to dry. During the summer months, the bathrooms get real messy due to the kids and guests visiting often. So, add a few drops of essential oil to your toilet paper roll which would smell good as the roll gets released.

Clean the Blinds


If you look carefully at your blinds, you will find that the dust has accumulated due to more hours of sunlight. To clean these blinds grab a pair of your old socks and dip the same into a mix of vinegar and water. Run the dipped socks to remove the dampness.

Use Alcohol to Clean Chair Stains


Now-a-days most chairs are made with the microfiber upholstery which becomes a test to clean. Spray alcohol on the stain, rub it and then wipe the same with a dirt-free sponge. As alcohol evaporates faster than water, it will never leave a mark when used.

Use Door Mat to Stop Dirt


Make it a practice to open your shoes before entering the house. This will stop sand and dirt at the door. It is better to use good door mats that are gentle on feet. Place washable door mats or rugs to prevent dirt and sand from travelling from one room to the other.  

Hope, the above-mentioned tips will help you keep your rooms clean during summer. So, this time, if you buy a flat, say a 2BHK apartment off Southern Bypass in Kolkata, make sure you implement these tips without fail.

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