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How to Raise Well-Mannered, Compassionate, Thankful Kiddos

>> Jun 14, 2018

There are hundreds of unique parenting methods in the world, but the best ones result in well-mannered, compassionate, and thankful kiddos. So, how do you accomplish those qualities in your children? Here are a few tips to raising kind-hearted, helpful, and well-rounded youngsters.

Set a Good Example as a Positive Role Model

There are plenty of negative role models in the world, from reality television stars, to drug-addled musicians, or even questionable cartoon characters. Set a good example by being kind, well-mannered, and thankful yourself. For the first few years of life, kids learn solely from you. And even into their teens, children are soaking up what you have to teach them. So, the best thing you can be for your children is a positive role model. Enroll yourself in a Christian women empowerment group. Get involved in your church. Or, simply do something to boost your own feelings of self-worth and compassion.
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Encourage Your Children to Help Others, i.e. Volunteering at School, Elderly Homes, Animal Shelters, etc.

Compassionate children are naturally so, but you can encourage them to let that compassion shine through helping others. Allow and encourage them to volunteer. For instance, they could help out with school event decorations and refreshments. Or, they could volunteer to read to and spend time with the elderly in retirement homes. Or, they could even volunteer to run and play with the pups of an animal shelter. You could further your role as a positive example by volunteering with them.

Talk to and Spend Quality Time with Your Kiddos—Sans Electronics or Distractions

One of the best things you can do is bond with your children. Sure, movies and video games can be fun, especially when watched and played as a family. But nothing beats old-fashioned conversation and quality time—sans electronics and technologic distractions. Strive to spend at least an hour a day with your kiddos, talking and playing. No computers, smartphones, or other electronic devices allowed.

In some ways, good manners, compassion, and kindness are innate. Some children are simply born with them. However, you can strengthen these qualities with encouragement and setting a good example as an attentive, supportive, kind parent.

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